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Is the Classified Scavenger Hunt a Smokescreen?


It was reported yesterday that additional classified documents were discovered in Joe Biden’s Wilmington, Delaware home during the Biden family’s ongoing classified scavenger hunt.

When I saw the news about the latest find, I suddenly remembered a story I read a month ago in the Washington Post.

In mid-December, the Post reported that back in September, allies of the Biden family, led by attorney Kevin Morris, assembled in California for a strategy meeting to prepare for likely investigations into Hunter Biden and the Biden family if and when Republicans retake Congress.

The story gained quite a bit of attention at the time, mostly over the Post reporting that one of the strategies the Biden allies were considering was filing defamation suits against different entities and individuals, including Fox News, Rudy Giuliani, and Eric Trump.

And while the defamation lawsuit idea took up all the attention, my impression in reading the report was this meeting was designed to come up with a broader plan to ensure that POTUS didn’t get dragged into any investigations of his son.

Well, the latest news about the classified scavenger hunt made me wonder if one of the other strategies these guys discussed involved combing through Joe Biden’s files and records to sanitize them of anything that might connect Joe to Hunter’s dirty business deals.


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  1. The main job of ANY Special Counsel is to use nearly unlimited power and secrecy to flush out all the evidence and witnesses against Democrats for the purposes of destroying, intimidating, or killing as required and papering the whole thing over with tepid process violations after the next stolen election.

    I did my job well.

    You can expect more of the same here.

  2. Usually, if history is predictable forward
    The usual remedy for what currently ails Them
    Is a big State Funeral

    Whose is still being worked on
    But it could even be the Big Guy

    You thought December was Cold
    Wait until February

  3. But why would Joe’s attorneys “Hoover-up” and hiding evidence of one crime, while turning over evidence of another (albeit lesser) crime? One possibility is the “confidential” documents were cleansed of the most sensitive, and the ones turned over are innocuous, not national security related. The other possibility is Joe will resign over the documents issue before congress gets moving on the Hunter-China corruption issue, Now President Kamala issues a full pardon to Joe and Hunter for ALL crimes (not just the document crimes), and Congress drops the investigations as moot.

  4. You must understand both facts and history. It is a fact that Hillezibub when faced with a federal investigation obstructed justice by destroying all the evidence of TS SCI on her home grown severs and smashed all devices after bleachbit destruction of same. That is a fact, even if Obamas DOJ turned a blind eye with the no intent/ no prosecuter would indict standard by the utterly corrupt James Comey.

    They completely circled all wagons to protect that loathsome lizard . Does any honest person believe that if Hillezibub left classified documents lying around her corrupt lawyers would not have immediately shred or burned them?

    Hat tip, it is a fact that the Pedos current lawyers all worked for Hillezibub!

    Why toss the Pedo under the bus but allow that satanic cunt to actually destroy evidence? Again the same lawyers.

    Because he’s about to be impeached and with the laptop from hell they know so much shit will be discovered exposing the cabal that the Pedo has to go before impeachment.

    Then they can have a clean slate to continue to wage law fare against the Bad Orange Man. The pervert is toast. I give him four weeks before resigning due to health reasons, of course it’s still possible the deep state bumps him off with a MAGA hated assassin with an AR in each hand.

    So the old child molester may still have value as a martyr to eliminate the 2A.

  5. @Tony R-
    Dianny posits that with the public and the press buzzing over the Biden Classified Scavenger Hunt, nobody is asking the important question.

    You have to admit, feigning transparency about the classified documents creates one hell of a smokescreen behind which can hide the true reason Biden’s lawyers are searching through the president’s records.

    In short, while everyone’s attention is focused on the flashing red light over here, could it be that Biden’s lawyers are quietly slipping out of the Wilmington house with evidence incriminating Joe Biden in his son’s pay-for-play business deals with hostile governments like China?

    It is the classic “HEY-A SQUIRREL!” head fake.


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