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Is this where you get off?

Found on the internecks
h/t  Snowball the Sourpuss

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  1. MaryJane, unless you find the last exit before toll, the fabled, exit 68, known as “domenowIOU” ?

  2. This sign is about 20 miles from my house. I always wanted to open up a party store there, and name it “Big Beaver Liquors.” I think I could make a fortune on the t-shirt sales alone.

  3. I traveled Big Beaver Road many times when I lived in Bloomfield Hills, MI. That’s an exit off of I-75. It was the brunt of a lot of jokes. Now I live near Intercourse and Blue Ball, PA. Yep, the jokes keep coming.

  4. The first store you come to is Beaver package store. Liquior in the front, Poker in the rear.

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