ISIS Artillery Piece Hit By U.S. Airstrike

from Weasel Zippers

ISIS oops
At the 25 second mark you can clearly see a JDAM smashing into the cannon.

Watch Awesome Video Here

This just made me smile!


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  1. I like shit blowing up as much as the next guy, but if we continue to use $100,000 bombs to take out $2000 non functioning cannons we are screwed.

    If we could resurrect a squadron of B-52’s and drop a hundred thousand pounds of cheap ordinance on a 30 square mile of desert we might get their attention.

  2. It does look like they were expecting it. Why wasn’t anyone anywhere near the canon? And why wasn’t there more collateral damage. I’m all for taking out guns, but I’m more for taking out jihadists, though I realize the guns are more valuable.

  3. Like swatting a fly. But I agree with Frank, Racer X,and menderman. This is a fucking joke. Watch it on the news tonight. The warrior obama ain’t takin’ no shit. Looky see, he’s really angry and fightin’ mad.

  4. Understand that this was one “air strike”. When the Regime starts tossing around numbers like “over one hundred airstrikes”, one bomb counts as one air strike.

    Just sayin’…..

  5. What Frank said. And it could be worse than blowing up old scrap steel. George Washington fooled the Redcoats with wooden cannons. Who knows what PVC and plywood contraptions we have spent millions to blow up?

  6. I’m with TSU on this one. Guy filming should have been atomized.
    Looks like propaganda to me. Can anybody read the text in the red banner?

    Thanks for the YT link, TSU.

  7. If we’re throwing missiles at them, then make MY contribution, an MX Missile!!!

    Glow-in-the-dark sand monkeys for 10,000 years to come! 😀

  8. @ Thirdtwin, and Four .45’s,

    I just couldn’t sit here and let people believe that this nonsense video could be real.

    It reminded me of that faked Syrian tank round shot directly at the camera that I saw months ago.

    Let’s see if the dumb ass media uses it on MSNBC, CNN, RT or FOX.

  9. If the propagandists were really serious about getting the populace behind a war effort, instead of bombing this artillery, they should have shown a video of the muzzies enjoying themselves in the embassy pool in Tripoli and have the video culminate in bombing the happy divers to smithereens.

  10. Sorry, but that’s just bad photoshop or whatever is used for video shopping. Looks like a bomb explosion was superimposed. Too bad they didn’t get the scale even close. Even if a small 500 pounder went off, no piece of those forehead bangers would be within 50 yards of the IP, let alone shooting video.

  11. but if we continue to use $100,000 bombs

    Last I saw, a JDAM kit $25-30K and an LGB kit is $15-20K. How much time, money and effort went into raising the half dozen former jihadis?

  12. Four.45’s. It says “Allah is Great. He just told me to tell you goatfuckers to get the fuck away from that cannon because we are going to blow it up. Allah be praised.”

  13. FYI- JDAMs are not all the same..
    The JDAM is a precision guided munition kit which can be added to MK-82(500lb) MK 83(1000lb), MK 84(2000lb) BLU-109, BLU-110(2000lb) or other old “dumb bomb”

    I wasn’t a combat arms guy but from my minimal expreience that was likely a MK-82 500 lb “General purpose bomb” with a JDAM guidance system and proximity fuze.

    A MK-82 is probably about $30,000 per bomb (it cost $25k about fifteen years ago so this price is just my guess and not a precise figure). Many of these bombs have been hanging around warehouses since Vietnam or earlier (heck, some soldiers in Iraq and A-stan using the Barrett 50 cal have reported getting boxes of bullets that were date stamped in 1945)

    It’s cheaper to send a single fighter with a few of these PGMs than an armada of bombers. I don’t always agree with DoD policy on buying a few very high tech weapons versus more of something that’s effective but less wizard-ish (see F-22 and F-35 programs) but I’m not making those decisions

  14. I am not an economist but it looks like I under priced the smart bomb. If @Bob is correct and the out the door cost is $30,000. It takes 5 dollars spent to produce 1 dollar of product in he government. So I stand corrected the bomb cost would be $150,000 to blow up a non-functioning artillery piece.

  15. Looks like video game footage. The Jihadi should have been vaporized by the blast overpressure at that close distance.

  16. If it was possible, it would have been better to send a “Spooky” AC-130 gunship over these guys. I’ve seen a few Spooky missions and that plane will absolutely scare the living crap out of any sane enemy (the ones who survive). I have to hand it to whoever had the idea of putting a 105mm howitzer, two 20mm Vulcan guns and a 40mm BOFORS canon on a plane, and then actually making it work reliably

    If they were going after more targets than this POS artillery piece, Spooky would have been great IMHO.

    If there was reliable intel that there weren’t any MANPADS / Stingers in the area, they could have sent a two ship attack helo mission.

    So easy to second guess the mission planners from 8000 miles away. Once you’ve seen a downed aircraft you appreciate this “fire and forget” technology, even if the pilot successfully ejects you need to send in PJs to get him out. Getting out of a rotary wing … tough stuff

    I guess I’m trying to say I don’t effing know. I talked to an Army Ranger who was pissed off about watching almost $1 million of ordnance go down on some guys who he believed could have been taken out by 2 scout-sniper teams, it just might have taken a few days since they were in the middle of nowhere. He seemed to know his shit and if his description was accurate I agree that it would have been better to spend a few .308 rounds rather than a bunch of PGMs blowing up mainly sand.


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