New Tenants

Islamist group, Dawn of Libya, has taken over the abandoned U.S. embassy in Tripoli and are now enjoying all the accommodations, rent free.

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22 Comments on New Tenants

  1. Nothing says “I have no strategy for ANY foreign policy” like a YT video showing terrorist enjoying themselves in a United States embassy.

    He gets mocked and ridiculed by everyone he gets involved with.

  2. Don’t Thumb-Up this…

    Waiting for the Moslems to “occupy” the closed casinos in Atlantic City.

    At the rate America is being invaded and overrun, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

    Stay vigilant.

  3. The Caliphate will consume you all!

    The Republic is dead, and you Amerikkkans are the maggots encased in the rotten carcass. The beautiful song of the Adhan will resound throughout the Earth.

    And you will convert, or die.

  4. Hah, the last laugh’s on them. Boy are they gonna get nasty ear infections. That pool hasn’t been cleaned in months.

  5. I thought embassy properties were sovereign? Why don’t these people play by the rules? We must negotiate with them!

  6. One thing about these savage muslim imbeciles is that they never “hide in the shadows”, a fact that, in a sane world, would provide us an enormous opportunity:

    Savage muslim imbeciles are gathered at the embassy? KABOOM!

    Savage muslim imbeciles are gathered at a rally? KABOOM!

    Savage muslim imbeciles are gathered at the mosque? KABOOM!

  7. Ironycurtain has the right idea. 😉

    Someday, there’s gonna be some rabid islamofascist protest here in the states, and some “extremist” patriot who’s had enough of this shit is gonna start firing from a covert position into the crowd until there is nothing left but swiss-cheesed pajamas and Allah’s bad intentions.

    I will pop the cork on a bottle of champagne on that day.


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