Isn’t this what they demanded?

Breitbart: Baltimore Residents Blaming Murder Increase on Lack of Police After BLM Protesters Demanded Pullback.

Black American residents of Baltimore, Maryland, are now blaming a lower police presence for the city’s soaring murder rate despite three years of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists insisting that police be pulled from their neighborhoods.

Baltimore has now experienced higher murder rates for three years in a row after riots and BLM-sponsored protests began rocking the city after the death of Freddie Gray, a suspect who died in police custody in the spring of 2015, National Public Radio (NPR) reported.

Since the riots, police morale has collapsed, and city officials began planning a lighter police footprint in response to complaints of residents and protest leaders.

But now, black leaders are blaming cops for the spiraling murder rate, saying that the police pullback has put them in danger.

 The Rev. Kinji Scott, a Baltimore activist, is blaming city hall for leaving the neighborhoods unprotected.

“We wanted the police there,” Scott insisted. “We wanted them engaged in the community. We didn’t want them beating the hell out of us, we didn’t want that.”

Scott and others are now pressuring the city to bring police back in as a deterrent to the soaring crime rate.

Despite the loud proclamations from BLM activists that the police are the problem, Scott and his fellow activists are now claiming that they never wanted police to go away.  more here

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  1. ” Planet of the Apes ”
    We should sell Tickets,and possibly get them a TV show of their own. Vegas would sponsor the channel no Problem … “Do I hear $20 to kill Jamal ” !

  2. And to show their desire to have police in the community they made cute little poems like, “what do we want, dead cops. When do we want them, NOW.” If that pep squad doesn’t make you feel appreciated, what will?

  3. Apparently, black people can’t survive without Whitey around. This is true whether in Africa or the Americas or in Europe. Whites keep them from killing each other, provide medicine and food for them, and da gibsmedats they needs to be stylin’. The Prime Directive for blacks! Observe, but don’t interfere. If we do that, they’ll be back to manageable numbers within a decade or two.

  4. It’s part of the never ending cycle of frustration for US blacks. Their pathetic racism demands that they be “authentically black”, but being “authentically black” means being an irresponsible fucking dumbass loser piece of shit with the intellect of a grapefruit and the self-control of a three year old who just downed a quart of Red Bull. They want what is not possible, i.e. being “authentically black” while at the same time having all the skills and abilities to be authentically successful and affluent.

    Gotta pick one side or the other, because you can’t be both.

  5. do you really expect them to be accountable for themselves now? … after a lifetime of no responsibility, pushed & supported by their city, state, nation governments that continually rob taxpayers of their hard-earned money to assure their votes & make excuse after excuse for their troglodyte behavior?

    … of course they blame someone else!

  6. Burn dat bitch down, then you won’t have the po-po to worry about since there won’t be a neighborhood (zoo) to patrol. It’s called a veldt. It’s the only environment in which you will be free and safe.

  7. When leftists say “you’re voting against your own best interest not voting Democrat” I look at places like this and think why would it be in my best interest to have an entire country like this.

  8. GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY! (Rubs eyes in disgust)

    What in bloo’ey ‘ell is wrong with these people?

    The FINANCIALLY correct thing to do is just NOT engage these people at all. They will flop around like Euro soccer weenies and demand $5 million settlement.


  9. “After BLM Protesters Demanded Pullback”

    residents would have been better off if they demanded the blm protestors fathers “pulled out”.

  10. instead of white cops shooting black thugs, you have black thugs shooting black residents.

    much better for racial relations, right ?

  11. If we were to end Federal Aid to failed inner cities, the local governments would learn the true value of their white tax base and quit inciting this crap. Make them stand on their own, and they will surely fall.


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