Israel Accused of Giving Palestine the “Milkshake” Treatment

Pro Palestinian activists have been watching Israel develop the off shore natural gas fields along their shoreline and are now accusing the Jewish state of “siphoning off” Palestine’s share.


I tried to watch the RNN video, but all I kept thinking about was the ending of “There Will Be Blood.”

8 Comments on Israel Accused of Giving Palestine the “Milkshake” Treatment

  1. Israel should sell the natural gas to Gaza for triple the market price.
    1/3 of the profit to the Israeli Military, 1/3 to the Natural gas Company and 1/3 to the families who were murdered by arab terrorists who live in Gaza.
    There, fixed that.

  2. Hard to engage in successful economic endeavors when you’re busy molesting sheep and goats, smacking around wimmins and blowing shit up-

  3. The Palestinians have gas alright – if you’ve ever shared a car or a bus with one you would know what I’m talking about.

    Palestinians, unfortunately, are like liberals, operating in a delusional state of mind with little or no relationship with facts.

  4. No state called Palestine has ever existed.
    How is a non-entity entitled to royalties?
    Are they the mafia ?

  5. These Palestinian idiots were busy digging tunnels under the border into Israel so they could launch surprise attacks instead of maybe working with oil companies to dig offshore wells or building schools and hospitals.

  6. It’s hard to keep up with the modern world, when you still wipe your ass with your bare hand.

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