Israel Moving Forward with Plans for Gaza Fence

gaza border fence


After several recent attempts by Gazans to storm border, Defense Ministry expected to approve construction of 65-km-long tall fence.

The defense establishment is expected to move forward with plans to construct a massive fence along the border with Gaza, similar to one existing along the Israeli-Egyptian border.

After a year of working on plans but no allocation of funds, the IDF’s Southern Command is finally expected to receive the greenlight for the construction of a 65-km-long tall fence.




11 Comments on Israel Moving Forward with Plans for Gaza Fence

  1. the israelis are so polite

    they should have done this long ago

    they also are the only oasis in the middle east, and have contributed significantly to technological advances in all areas

    they provide an incredible amount of support to those who hate them, such as food, clothing, medical

    in their many wars, they do annex the territory, simply defeat the enemy

    you won’t see this in the msm

  2. don’t worry palestinians, john f’n kerry is on his way over to put a stop to this.

    the nwo doesn’t like fences because they believe the workers of the world don’t need nationalities, only directions from the nwo.

  3. Thank you Israel for being the only country in the world with brains.

    Jewish Liberals in the US — Embrace your Debbie Washerwoman, Barney Frank, Tyrannicus Bloomberg — What is WRONG with you??? If any of you vote for Bernie Sanders (Socialist Commie) or Michael Bloomberg (Tyrannicus Pipsqueakus), just because they are a Jewish candidate, then you are racists par excellence.

  4. See, the problem here is the muzzies never contributed much to Culture or Civilization. (Unless you count architecture. And their space program…)
    Some classical historians opine that Islam of the Middle Ages preserved classical Greek writings, to be subsequently rediscovered in the West during the Renaissance.
    There is support for the viewpoint that Moslems made considerable contributions in mathematics (i.e. al-gebra, and Arabic numerals.)
    This may have been due to their geographic location on the trade routes between India and the West. There was certainly culture in that region during the Crusades, to wit: Roland, Tandred etc.
    But I will submit that was a different phase of Islam than that which we are confronted with these days.
    And balanced against the rise of Mohammadism, the conversion by the sword as Moslems spread across North Africa into Spain, and North and East toward Germany and Russia, was it better or worse for Civilization?

    Presently, there is only one nation in that region that shows any real progress. In spite of the tribal enemies that surround her, Israel is a relative heaven. It contains schools, hospitals, gardens, libraries, forests, farms, and factories. As well as many REAL Nobel Laureates.

    Meanwhile, what have the muzzies produced?
    Well, Baby Milk Factories. And apparently they are working on nuclear power for “peaceful” purposes (if one can believe their enablers.)
    Their exports include jihad, caliphate and the destruction of other cultures. I guess that is production of a sort…

    So. Since the muzzies surrounding Israel look bad by comparison, and have not the fortitude to make something of their own third-world shitholes, they are committed to the destruction of Israel.

    In a word, they are jealous.

    P.S. Arafat’s Nobel Prize is as well-deserved as barry’s.

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