Who Dat?


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  1. from the blank expression I would say some sort of democrat, maybe a progressive one, or liberal, maybe a social democrat, hard to tell they look so much alike.

  2. HA!! I just lol’d alone in my office Fur! I do believe that’s one of the first “Who Dat” posts I’ve gotten in a long time! 😀

  3. Multiple choice:

    (a) A reminder to eat before you go bowling.
    (b) What Hillary chucked-up at the bowling alley.
    (c) Michelle’s public school lunch on a field trip.
    (d) Debbie’s lava lamp.
    (e) A quantum-mechanical model of the DNC chair with entanglement.
    (f) A representation of a brain-dead, lying bitch-ass.

  4. SO big question…why are these two rat RINOs waiting till now to lie about Hitllery being railroaded by the GOPers? Someone like Gowdy should start subpoena actions on their bank records, especially sheltered off-shore accounts and trace it back to sources…like Clinton Foundation aliases….just like that seacow to start claiming she was set up….hahahah….she is guilty, she should be charged, removed from running, and stand trial for convictions of breaching national security, treason, and murder….has Gowdy lost his balls?

  5. Oh, an excellent portrait of the current chairman, er chairperson, nope chair, ah it’s this one –
    The Blabbermouth Chairthing of the DNC

  6. I love Photorealism art.
    This artist captured Debbie Wassermann Test* To a ‘T’.

    *You kids out there…look it up.

  7. DWS would be the first choice but with a little more thought the pin has an order of magnitude higher IQ. than little Debbie.

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