WaPo Editor: Black Lives Matter Must Provoke Violence

Writing for the Washington Post, Simone Sebastian, an editor for The Post’s Outlook section, believes that violence provoked by “Black Lives Matter” not only exists, but is necessary.

Ms. Sebastian

Her article, titled “Don’t criticize Black Lives Matter for provoking violence. The civil rights movement did, too,” argues that violence is essential for civil rights.

“Martin Luther King Jr. deliberately courted violence,” Sebastian argues. “Violence was critical to the success of the 1960s civil rights movement, as it has been to every step of racial progress in U.S. history.”

According to Ms. Sebastian, Black Lives Matter “needed violent confrontations to attract national media attention.”

She laments, “many have held today’s movement responsible for the burned buildings, broken windows and police and civilian deaths that followed protests during the past year. Yet history shows that this violence is the inevitable consequence of challenging the racial status quo.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. knew violence was necessary, Ms. Sebastian continues: “He learned that, as a tactic, nonviolence was useless without violence.”

Jesse Jackson proves her point, she says, writing, “While the activists’ nonviolent response magnified the brutality, the aggressive reaction of today’s protesters has proved effective as well. “The police overreaction, the tear gas — that’s what made Ferguson,” [Jesse] Jackson says.”

Ms. Sebastian concludes, “Black Lives Matter has more in common with the civil rights movement than we’d like to acknowledge. It fights the same injustices and encounters the same resistance. The truth is, if you oppose Black Lives Matter’s tactics, you would have abhorred King’s.”

27 Comments on WaPo Editor: Black Lives Matter Must Provoke Violence

  1. She and her savage, racist cohorts better not press their luck, unless running around in circles, screaming, and being engulfed in flames is their idea of a good time.

  2. I think she should be very careful in what she accepts and perhaps secretly wishes for…….karma’s a bitch!

  3. Dissension in the ranks at the Daily Worker/Wash Post? Colbert King of the forenamed rag has a different opinion –

    “We have on our hands — in our neighborhoods, on our streets and maybe living next door — walking disasters: individuals who believe that their lives matter, but not yours or mine. Neither do our laws and institutions.”

    The bullpen at the Post must be like a Hutu-Tutsi ice cream social.

  4. She’s right about King. Every city he spoke in was torched by SNCC a couple of days later. There was a palpable threat of violence behind every move King made.
    Carmichael, Lewis, and the rest of em made it happen, while King was perceived as the peacemaker.
    Same model the socialists used with Mandela.

  5. It would be nice if she became their target for violence. Since the democrats are now officially aligning themselves with Black Lies Matter, they should be held accountable for the destruction of property, and the hospital bills for those who become the targets of violence.

  6. So I wonder what this brainiac would think if #SecondAmendmentMatters decided to protest the current administration’s attempts to limit their constitutional rights by getting violent?

  7. She has an interesting but boring way of explaining away black violence. The truth is violence is the foundation of modern black culture.
    Violence or the threat of violence is the typical theme of modern black music, and is the compromise tool of choice when interaction with any other person goes slightly awry.
    Violence is a pastime for blacks – it’s actually fun as we’ve all seen in the “knock-out game”.
    Rape is violent isn’t it? Plenty of that in prison, the ghetto, and at home, mostly going unreported.
    I’m not aware of any situation in which blacks don’t turn to violence first, and in which they don’t blame their propensity to be violent on some kind of oppression they have no control over.
    Oppression that exists only in their envy and hate filled minds.

  8. Quid pro quo. Violence is no respecter of persons. Sow the tumult, do not exclaim when you reap the whirlwind.

    I can only wish her endeavors profit her a return of a thousand times.

    The last thing to escape Pandora’s Box was Hope. The box this bitch is kicking has nothing remotely so sweet.

  9. Yeah she makes a lot of sense, because remember the times when MLK robbed and burned down those Walgreens, torched black businesses, and taunted police officers of all colors?
    *rolls eyes*

    That chick needs to put some Deva Curl and Argan oil in her hair before she starts a friction fire with that dry mess.

  10. BLM is boring the hell out of me. Their idea of violence is when their victims are extremely out numbered, or they’re shooting them in the back. Kinda like the muzzies. Gee, I wonder if there’s a connection?

  11. Does she mean violence beyond what they perpetrate on each other every single day in Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans, Baltimordor, New York, and every other gun-banning paradise city in the US?

    To the extent that one must presume that their title, ‘Black Lives Matter,’ is sarcasm.

  12. Bring it bitch. Encourage all your homey’s to try violence to make things better. you will see hell like you can’t imagine. and there will be a lot less feral BLM’s

    i guess…..that it will actually make things better

  13. I don’t believe violence is a necessary action for any situation except war and I really don’t approve of it but when necessary actions must be taken. MLK did not invoke violence he said it was ignorant and would keep the black people down…and he was right! Please Americans stand together and do something great instead of being puppets to the hate filled people of the world we have enough to do in this country than to hate fellow Americans…make our culture a enjoyable one to be in! Quit the hate! Amature’s in life cause problems…fact!

  14. The violence she of regarding King, his peaceful protest were met with violence from white people. How could you miss the point or do you not know history?

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