Israeli Government Approves COVID Fascism

Compulsory Vaccinations and Legally Required Masks
For All Citizens Effective August 8th

The Conservative Treehouse – Comrades, it must be said that Israeli fascism is a particularly ironic form of Fascism. However, when you combine fascist government dictates from the Jewish state along with newly approved forced vaccinations, the level of irony exceeds adequate encapsulation.

The only level of irony missing is armbands for the non-vaccinated.

[TRANSCRIPT] – … “Dear citizens, those who refuse vaccines are endangering their health, those around them and the freedom of every Israeli citizen. They are endangering our freedom to work, the freedom of our children to learn and the freedom to hold celebrations with the family.

Those who refuse vaccines hurt us all because if all of us were vaccinated, we would all be able to maintain daily life. But if one million Israelis continue to not get vaccinated, this will oblige the eight million others to shut themselves in their homes.


h/t Ann Nonymous Prime

12 Comments on Israeli Government Approves COVID Fascism

  1. Orangeman hurt the Uniparty
    what a sad sad story

    They needed a new crisis
    to restore their former glory

    Where o where was he?
    Where could that man be?
    They looked around
    and then they found
    a doctor named Fauci


    Springtime for Hitler
    in Tel Aviv
    Jews just went Nazi today
    Covid passports are all the rage
    refuse and you’ll be in a cage


  2. Sure, now that BiBi is out, and the Obama/Soros guy was installed, Israel will be turning into a shithole too. I wonder if Dominion counted their votes, too?

  3. Coming soon to the US – today was a big day – NY and CA are mandating for public employees. CA says if you don’t vaccinate you can test weekly. I’m sure at your own expense and then when you get a false positive what happens – quarantine! Biden Admin also came out and said for federal VA health care employees it is now mandatory and you may lose your job. Deadline dates in September. This is going to get ugly.

  4. I don’t F’ing believe it!

    And then someone slapped me square in the face and said, “Coming to America sooner than you think.”

  5. Again the wag the dog scenario to hide something big coming (probably Karma ma’s ascension).

    Ain’t we got fun?

  6. Just waiting for the FDA to approve the Jab and then the Biden Administration will mandate the jab for everyone, as it will no longer be “experimental”.
    The un-injected might as well start sewing your arm band now as you are the new world lepers.
    MORE Division.

  7. Hitler and Himmler are laughing with glee in Hell, looking forward to all the Jews dying from Quaccine side effects.

  8. They should come up with a catchy slogan like “Vaccines make you free”, or something like that. Be sure to put it in German — “Impfstoff macht frei” — so that the older European Jews can properly appreciate it.

  9. Wouldn’t it be funny if Hamas took out the progressive fake Jews peddling this Nazi crap?

  10. Ann Nonymous Prime JULY 26, 2021 AT 8:03 PM
    Starting to think about what to do when I lose my job.

    Stand tall! I’m with you. We can’t live forever anyway.

    And this is my country,
    Land that I love


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