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It Appears That Minnesota Is In Play

With Mike Pence’s fiery speech in Duluth and six mayors from iron range cities endorsing the president, it looks like Democrat stronghold Minnesota is up for grabs in November.

So much so, that the Biden campaign has announced their candidate will be making a swing through both Wisconsin and Minnesota after Labor Day. More Here

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  1. What’s the over under for Biden thinking he’s still in New Hampster….er…New Hampshire. Maybe Michigan?….

  2. He’s starting off his new rigorous travel schedule after labor day. If you travel to Minnesota and Wisconsin, wouldn’t you think he could manage a whistle stop in Michigan?….Maybe his campaign can’t find it on the map….

  3. Biden making a Campaign swing. And a miss….all across America.

    Dumbest candidate since Dukakis.

    An incredibly stupid man. It’s hard to hide weapons grade stupid.

  4. Biden’s Travel checklist:

    Stroke med’s
    Aneurysm med’s
    Gout med’s
    B-12 vitamins
    Sleeping pills
    Caffeine pills
    Picker-uppers (other)
    Spare hair plugs & adhesives
    Backup false teeth & adhesives
    Emergency Depends
    Normal toiletries
    Slimming girdle
    Tanning cream, collagen skin toner
    Standard makeup kit
    Favorite ‘Summer Stylin’ wardrobe
    Garter belts
    Best shoes

    Notes: _______Remind him of shat state he’s in!!________________

  5. off topic

    @LeftCoastDan: old non-PC joke…

    How do you get a Unitarian Universalist out of the neighborhood?
    Burn a question mark in their yard.

  6. Add a colored, third grade map of the USA for his handlers and a guide to the proper local foods to eat in way that will disgust the President. Make sure all 57 States are shown and their names printed in large font.

  7. ^ Good suggestion. I had a USA map in the list but took it out. We could add “BLM pin” and “Antifa pin” to the list, so he looks real ‘with it’ to his voter base.

  8. Q: How do you get a Unitarian to take up your cause and let their daughter suck your dick?

    A: Burn down their “church” and call them a racist.

  9. They keep claiming Biden is up in Texas, then his campaign said no but GA likely but they’d have to decide how much time and effort to spend after reviewing swing states. Now he is planning on coming out of the basement desperately to tour dem strongholds. The tea leaves aren’t looking good. Hillary screaming about never conceding – these people are losing it.

  10. The Left has slipped the bonds of any rational thought. If there was perfect truth and justice in this world, conservatives would be able to demand that the Biden campaign and media be locked in a room with cameras and tape rolling, and face an endless line of individual Americans taking the mic, one after another, to present hard evidence refuting every single lie any of them have ever told about Trump, the election, their own pasts, the current situation with of violent insurrection and anything else they deem worthy.

    The shame of having people like this rise to such a position of power and potential power is beyond embarrassing to patriotic Americans. If any of them time travelled to Washington’s Philadelphia or Lincoln’s Kentucky, they would be living out their years in a booby hatch, jail, or the public stocks. Some of them would be taken out and shot for treason.

  11. I dunno know, I think there is a LOT more in play then the great state of Minnesoda…heck even NY might be???

    Don’t want to sound over confident here but the left/Dems overplaying their hand may be disastrous for them?


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