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It Wasn’t All Doom and Gloom in 2022

The Federalist

Staring down the end of 2022 burdened by rumblings of nuclear war, news of collusion between corrupt intelligence agencies and Big Tech to silence Americans, and the threat of a rabid Justice Department that’s trumping up charges against peaceful pro-lifers, plenty of Americans may feel they’re closing out the year with less hope than they began it. Radicals are trying to trans the kids, and conservatives’ most powerful officeholder is Mitch McConnell.

But darkness in this world is nothing new, and until Heaven comes to Earth again, we will have battles to fight. The year of our Lord 2022 brought several promising developments, and a few honest-to-goodness wins. Review

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  1. 2022 was a great year for parsnips which I’ve been enjoying fried in garlic butter. Also, gold potatoes did well, as did green beans, cauliflower and broccoli.

    That’s what I like about soil. Unlike most people, if you take care of it, it’ll take care of you.

  2. True Story™

    One Winter a long Time ago.
    Was working overtime from Thanksgiving to after Happy New Year while on the road. Around Christmas I really wanted some Ice Cream but the micro-refrigerator freezer part was too small of a fit for frozen stuff thicker than a few TV dinners and maybe some single stick popsicles.

    Luckily, the Weather averaged between 0-28 degrees ambient not in celsius. I bought a couple half-gallons of Breyers and was able to store them outside the window on the ledge.

    If you ever saw Ice Cream on a window ledge, it may have been me. However, I also know a lot of guys and gals knew about it because 6-Packs also chilled very quickly outside all those windows.

    PS: Wind Chills, which was all the time, kept it even cooler in the negative ranges.

    End True Story™

  3. I know I should not talk living up here in the land off Liberal Suck & The Little Bastardo, but I worry about how badly Washington Treats destroys Middle Class America.

    Maverick was Good & I’m Glad Demo’s “LOST” the house but By my Count the score is $1.7 Trillion to 10 and that’s just December for now.


  4. Wow, The Federalist sure set the bar low. We got a participation trophy, look at us.

    The country is plagued by a southern invasion, crippling inflation, an unaccountable Federal Reserve, election fraud, weaponized government agencies going after honest citizens, a Fourth Estate acting as a propaganda machine for one political party, and a Congress that is hell-bent on bankrupting the nation. Nothing in 2022 did anything to change any of this.

    The Democrats are still in power, still moving their pernicious toxic agenda forward, and still controlling the narrative.

  5. 1923, on the other hand sucked. Harrison Ford AND Helen Mirren are boring in both of the first two episodes. It’s basically a retelling of Billy Jack – white people bad, honest injunz good. $big for production. Yawn. Delete.

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