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Italian Police Arrest Migrant-Rescue Ship Captain After Docking

Epoch Times:

MILAN—Italian police arrested on Saturday, June 29, the German captain of a migrant-rescue ship at the center of a standoff with the Italian government after she docked at the port of Lampedusa.

The Dutch-flagged Sea-Watch 3, operated by German charity Sea-Watch, has been at sea for more than two weeks with 40 rescued Africans on board.

After waiting in international waters for an invitation from Italy or an EU state to accept the ship, captain Carola Rackete decided this week to sail for the southern Italian island of Lampedusa but was blocked by Italian government vessels.

But in the early hours of June 29, Rackete entered the port where the ship docked amid a heavy police presence.


8 Comments on Italian Police Arrest Migrant-Rescue Ship Captain After Docking

  1. 40 rescued Africans? How many jumped ship and made it to our southern border?

    Is Captain Carola a Carlos or Carol?

  2. Who paid for the trip?
    “Cut off its head and the snake will die.”

  3. Appropriate last name for a racket. Clue #2 of the isitaleftist, is the Samantha Power brow.

  4. “Rescued” my ass.

    Ferry them back into Libyan waters within sight of land, put them out on the ship’s life boats with provisions in the early morning, then turn around and bring the ship back to Italy and destroy it.

  5. @janitor – There’s no call to destroy the ship if it’s sailable. Bring it back to Italy and weld a ram onto the bow and use the ship to deal with future human traffickers at sea.

  6. Put a chip in her ass and drop her off in Patagonia and maybe she can walk back!!!


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