Italians Hit the Streets to Protest Mandatory Vaccine Passports

Summit News:
After the Italian government followed other European countries in announcing mandatory vaccine passports, Italians hit the streets to protest the measure, with demonstrators in Turin shouting, “No dictatorship!”

After France and the United Kingdom announced that proof of vaccination would be required to enter some venues, Italy followed suit.

From August 6, Italian authorities will mandate their citizens be enrolled in a “green certification” program which will bar access for the unvaccinated or those who can’t prove a negative COVID test to venues such as “indoor bars and restaurants, go to museums, swimming pools, gyms, theme parks and more,” reports Axios.

Irate Italians in Turin reacted by immediately hitting the streets. more here

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  1. OT (sorry), but I’m watching the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, there is a glaring lack of diversity on stage, no people of color anywhere in sight. Where are all the black Japanese? Somebody check the local Apple store for looters……………………….I’m kidding.

  2. ^^^^Oh shit I think our resident CHP dude is drinking tonight. LOL. That’s OK. All Patriots have a good reason to drink as of late.

  3. I flipped over to NBC during a Tucker/ Mark Steyn commercial.
    Everyone is wearing a fucking MASK!
    No spectators.
    The good news is the traitoristic cunts on the women’s(?) soccer team are boycotting the opening ceremonies.

    And I haven’t even STARTED drinking yet Brad…Y E T

  4. Loco, I read that they had a practice scheduled and couldn’t make it. It might be too late for practice.

  5. Loco, the Kiwi’s are also woke pukes, they all took a knee as well for either first math. There are many villains in sports nowadays.

  6. Ya know I think my favorite FOX employee as of late id Tyrus. He was on the morning show today and asked what he thought about all this take the knee shit. And he answers, “At first I kept an open mind. But now it’s a self grandstanding joke and these white girls look stupid. Further more, if they hate this country that much they shouldn’t represent it. That goes for black athletes too. I wouldn’t.”

  7. Yes, it’s all calculation. NZ wins tomorrow and sends those whiny USA bitches home. Then NZ loses as well, gets sent packing and only feminine teams like Sweden or the Netherlands are left standing (not kneeling).

  8. The good news is if any of the girls get hurt, Dr. Jill biden* is over there to attend to their medical needs…

    I doubt the MSM will report lil’ Kim Jung Il giving her the side-eye like she did Pence.
    Perhaps she wasn’t wrong after all?

  9. It’s Ok friends, I’ll help with the stoopid tonight with some Jameson Irish.

    A bit of a change as I usually prefer Kentucky Straight.

    Cheers, and respect for those who do not drink!

  10. Rich is 100% correct.

    It looks like all the girls soccer teams are Kneeling. Really the best solution is to not watch ANY Olympic soccer.

    They are Trying so hard to get attention for a sport that is unwatchable hoping that the world will discover how competitive it isn’t.

  11. @LBS

    If Dr. Jill is in Japan, they must have Jackass Joe locked up in the playroom at the White House with Dairy Queen, Baskin Robins, & Ben & Jerry ice cream stations on hand.

  12. I watched the replay of the US women losing badly to Sweden.
    The worst part is just like the men’s game, they barely bump into one another and fall down like a Japanese sniper in the empty stands took them out.
    Fucking pathetic.
    If you can’t win without feigning an injury go the fuck home LeBron…

  13. I was going to suggest a drinking game where every time NBC either mentions Rapinoe or has her in one of their commercials, you take a drink but I would already be on the floor getting amorous with the dog. He is already growling at me.

  14. Soccer player pussy euro Drama is why my son quit.

    He was a good player but lost respect for the coaches, players & parents.

    My fault: I taught him to shoot, mountain bike, Martial arts, Barbells, how to use real tools and climb ladders.

  15. @Brad


    I’m still sidelined from mountain biking. Flew like an eagle over the handle bars 4 weeks ago and broke my Big Toe.

    But, you are right. Barbells tomorrow!

  16. The team from Kazakhstan just came in with a big ,”FUCK YOU, we ain’t wearing no masks”, my new hommies!!

  17. Up until now the RIO Olympics were the worst on record, but this one has Sooo Muck More Suck!

    I feel bad for the real Japanese citizens who did not want this. My Japanese friend is so pissed off at what he calls:

    “A Facking Dizz azz Tah!”

  18. Cheers and respect for those who do not drink? I don’t know, I have a lot of respect for those that play hurt.

  19. Oh and I know that Loco guy. Before noon he’ll have run a couple miles. Got that dude dialed so don’t fall for his shit. I’m still thinking about turning him in for the reward. LOL.
    I’ll be in the gym at 6:00 AM.

  20. That fricken Loco, when we went to the Trump Rally in LV, I took a cab and got there early. Loco ran there, from miles away. The guy is loco.

  21. Joe6 aint lyin’!
    At least he met a lot of patriots in line.
    I couldn’t believe how young that cutie was?!
    Not saying anything, Joe6 was a gentleman like myself…

    Speaking of cuties, the Romanians just entered the procession.

  22. We could all meet at MJA’s place in LV. I know mrs6pak isn’t in the frame of mind of traveling, but I could talk her into that.

  23. Nah man, I love Mrs6pak and we’ll make her comfortable. Mean while MJA’s gotta show up dressed like Miss Kitty from Gunsmoke. Rich, Marshal Dillon. Loco, Festus. LOL, just kidding LOCO. How much fun would this be?

  24. Granted we wouldn’t all have to stay at MJA’s place, but LV is something I would think is a good time. I would do this.

  25. “We should try to do this before mandatory mask restrictions are implemented again,”

    HeeHeeHee, we should wait until after. Come and get it boys.

  26. Joe6
    Turning this over to the boss. I’ll report back. Again, how much fun would this be? Little worried about Michelle hanging out with MJA. Oh my God things would never be the same. For the better. LOL. Thelma and Fuck You.

  27. I already cleared this with my boss. But she said we are driving, will not go anyplace with a mask required. It’s possible she doesn’t know how far of a drive this is, I’ve done it, and it’s a long 2 day drive. We are game though.


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