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Italy: Healthcare Workers Fired Over Vaccine Mandates Will Be Reinstated

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Italian doctors, nurses and other health professionals who lost their jobs over refusing to comply with Italy’s strict vaccine mandates will be rehired. “A measure is being finalized that will allow the reintegration into service of health staff subject to suspension proceedings for non-compliance with compulsory vaccination before the expiry date of the suspension,” new Health Minister Orazio Schillaci said on Friday.

The move comes as Italy struggles with a shortage in healthcare workers, as well as a decline in the impact of COVID-19. The recently elected government also plans to also cancel fines imposed on all people aged over 50 who had not gotten vaccinated, Schillaci added. MORE

7 Comments on Italy: Healthcare Workers Fired Over Vaccine Mandates Will Be Reinstated

  1. That’s great news. Reality comes back to the Italians before the rest of Europe and New York City.
    Nice photograph of Vernazza in Cinque Terre.

  2. “Suspension”? I thought they were fired. Great governmental play on words there.

  3. When Italian Marcus Licinius Crassus met his end, it was by forcing him to drink molten gold until his stomach burst, in token of the corruption and lust for riches that brought him the ire of his captors.

    Perhaps we should borrow a page from the past.

    And see to it that every politican in every land who became rich from poisoning others gets the full measure of gold they have so richly earned.

  4. They now need the pure bloods to take care of the tainted bad blood. I wonder how many health care workers in Italy died from the jab? Like Canada who has lost over 60 doctors since the pandemic, Italy is right behind them with around 60 as well. Hmmm, they need the people that they fired for not bending. Stay strong pure bloods, they can’t come after us now!

  5. I always told my sons not to choose a career that required a license from any government. None of them did and are doing very well.

  6. If I had been fired for not submitting, why the actual 4÷@& would they think I’d want to come back???

    Working in Healthcare the past 3 years has been like being in a relationship with an abuser, and finally getting away from them, only to have them blow your phone up and stalk you, and talk shit about you but tell you they love you the next day, promise you to be better than before, then attack you.

    The gaslighting has been astonishing.


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