It’s A Fairy Tale, Where No One Lives Happily or Ever After


Like some parody from The People’s Cube, MIT press has published “Communism for Kids” and you can order (or comment on) it on Amazon.


At Amazon

I like how the author and the people who push this stuff claim to be “artists” soaked in irony, then they claim that it’s all a joke on us for taking them seriously when in actuality they seriously seek to corrupt the young.



14 Comments on It’s A Fairy Tale, Where No One Lives Happily or Ever After

  1. I especially enjoyed the following comment:
    “I know why you write to children.. Because all the adults already told you to put a gun in your mouth and kill yourself.. There is no worse animal than those who attempt to indoctrinate your children whose minds are not developed enough to see what a disgusting coward you are… Communists know no humanity.. And thus, no humanity will ever be shown to a communist…”

    I ’bout laughed my teeth out.

  2. What are these dumb Mortar Forkers doing at MIT? They belong as the Sam Houston Institute of Technology {SHIT].

  3. TO “?”
    I have, and they aren’t human, in the sense that you or I consider.

    GO READ the Amazon reviews…they’re amazing!

  4. They always try to corrupt the innocent first (the children), then as Vlad said, “Let the children teach the parents.” He also said, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. ~ Vladimir Lenin

    But what’s most telling about these despicable purveyors of filth is how NONE of them ever leave the “horrible capitalist nations” to flee to their beloved commie shit holes!

    After all, North Korea IS communism done right comrades.

  5. Chance – China is also based on Communism… but what people need to understand is that it is that their Communism is financed by Capitalism.
    This is not to make a statement against Capitalism, but rather to point out that China has bastardized (learned how to use) Capitalism to further their goals.
    Something to consider, especially when buying that “good deal” made in China.

  6. Hey Rat Fink…you mean to say that it takes that evil capitalism to keep the jack boots polished and the reeducation camps running? Who knew? Anyway, I always try to buy “Made In America,” even if it costs a little more. I’m guessing you do too?

    Ole’ Will Rogers said, “Communism is like prohibition, it’s a good idea but it won’t work.” I love the folksy wisdom of Rogers, but I disagree. I think it’s one of the worst ideas the human animal has ever conceived. And I bet the roughly 130 million people slaughtered by communist in the last century would agree.

  7. No I don’t mean that at all. Far from it! What I am saying is that a lot of things can be used for good or evil and evil has a way of cloaking itself in sheep’s clothing. Know what you are dealing with.


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