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It’s a Waffle House Christmas

Wait, actually, it’s a Waffle House brawl on Christmas.

In Georgia.

h/t joe6pak

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  1. This seems like organized fun for these animals. Couple cases of Colt 45, couple bottles of stolen Hennessy, then it’s time to go make a video. These assholes can’t be fixed, they are broken!

  2. Joe6pack,
    Oh, you got the Colt 45 right.
    Just make sure its Colt 45ACP.
    Delivered at at least 900fps.

  3. I was sitting at the counter in Jakes Cafe in Ritzville at 05:30 one morning having a pancake. Just one. They were the size of a large dinner plate and 3/4 inches thick.

    A trucker comes in, sits next to me and orders a pork chop and two eggs sunny side up. Waitress hollers back to the kitchen: Chop and a pair of headlights. Cook hollers back something about he doesn’t speak waitress slang.

    Both are going at it through the window then the cook comes out of the kitchen and it’s game on. They are going at it tooth and nail for at least a minute when they break and each goes to their respective corner and regroup.

    Both answered the bell for round two and on the way back in the waitress grabbed a stainless steel ladle with a head on it the size of a soft ball with a two foot handle out of a kettle of sausage gravy and is swinging it like a pair of nunchucks. She proceeded to beat the poor bastard about the head and shoulders with it forcing him to retreat back into the kitchen.

    It was one of the damndest scraps I had ever seen. I mentioned to the truck driver that’s something you don’t see every day. The waitress told me that if I knew what’s good for me that I will shut up and eat my pancake.

    That was back in the days when each booth had a pay phone in it and no one had even dreamed of a cellular phone with a camera in it.

  4. “Walking through forests of palm tree apartments
    Scoff at the monkeys who live in their dark tents
    Down by the waterhole, drunk every Friday
    Eating their nuts, saving their raisins for Sunday
    Lions and tigers who wait in the shadows
    They’re fast but they’re lazy, and sleep in green meadows

    Well, let’s bungle in the jungle
    Well, that’s all right by me, yeah”

    This is the result of attempting to civilize the uncivilizable.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Sad part is, the white girl will probably be canned. Have to give her credit, she more than held her own. Hope someone sees this and offers her a job where she doesn’t have to deal with these animals.

  6. Today I was a Chick Fil A in Vaughan (north Toronto). It was very clean. I liked it.

    Do they have Chimp Outs as well?

    This one was very new and we have very few franchises up here.
    I just want to know what to expect.

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