MTG has claws-out response to Tulsi Gabbard’s grilling of lying Rep-elect Santos – IOTW Report

MTG has claws-out response to Tulsi Gabbard’s grilling of lying Rep-elect Santos

BPR: The Republican Party, which is locked in what some believe is a battle for power to determine the very future of the United States, finds itself in a very awkward position today, personified by U.S. Rep.-Elect George Santos, R-N.Y.

Smarting from the outcome of the midterm elections, where an expected red wave crashed into a blue wall leaving in its wake a razor-thin four-seat majority in the House, the GOP can ill afford to lose a single seat, all of which leaves them in the unenviable position of having to stand by Santos even though he fabricated key details about his life while running for office.

Santos has embarked on a bold campaign of seeking forgiveness by owning up to his “mistakes,” while hypocritical Democrats pounce on a potential opportunity to force him out. That campaign included a brutal interview on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” where fill-in host Tulsi Gabbard grilled Santos over his dishonesty. The effort didn’t sit well with U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, R-Ga., who took to Twitter to call out Gabbard as a former Democrat for taking a stand in integrity in the interview.

“Being a person of integrity, if I were one of those in New York’s Third District right now, now that the election is over and I’m finding out all of these lies that you’ve told — not just one little lie or one little embellishment — these are blatant lies,” Gabbard told Santos. “My question is, do you have no shame? Do you have no shame in the people who are now — you are asking to trust you to go and be their voice for them, their families and their kids in Washington?”

Greene was incensed that Santos was not granted any grace in the interview and proceeded to turn the focus away from the liar from New York and onto Gabbard, tying her in with the actions of Democrats — never mind that Gabbard was smart enough to leave the party and did so for all the right reasons. MORE. h/t Mrs6pak.

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Is he actually gay? 😁

24 Comments on MTG has claws-out response to Tulsi Gabbard’s grilling of lying Rep-elect Santos

  1. MTG, well yea, he’s a lying piece of shit, but he’s our lying piece of shit. What’s happened to MTG? I think she’s found a path to self enrichment, so fuck every one. I don’t think she wants to tangle with Tulsi. Even if the guy she is defending is Jew-ish. LOL.

  2. I’m afraid if Tulsi handles all her interviews like this one she’s not going to get many interviews. However, you know there’s always someone wanting to make a name for themselves. Tulsi Gabbard? Hell yeah, I’ll go on with her, I’ll teach her a thing or two!

  3. All the regular Fox Host are visiting Islands or otherwise Overseas.

    It’s like They timed it this way so Geraldo wouldn’t have to debate Jewish Wannabeism and Catholic lust for charitable contributions made out to other peoples names.

    Did you know Fox News has hosts whose spouses are BIG in the CryptoGrifts. Bet you didn’t know that.

    Bet you didn’t know there is more the one Tranny on Fox News.
    Everyone knows about Bruce.
    Whose the other one?

  4. IMHO I think they need to sort of defend him, because he’s their POS and they need him for the next two years. MTG though lately has seemed to be moving closer to the other side. That though is what happens to 99% of them. Either they brainwash them when they get to D.C., find something on them or talk them into something where they’ll be compromised or maybe all the dollars are just too hard to resist and the only way you get cut in on all the dollars is to move to the dark side.

    That is why if we had fair elections and Republican voters were smart, they would keep none of them there, regardless if they’re good for 2 years or 6 years, eventually they will slowly or quickly start voting for who bribes or blackmails them. The old saying is very true politicians need to be changed like dirty diapers.

    If that happened just maybe something then could also be done about all the lifer unelected crap in the federal government, because until all of them are gone even if you had all true conservative politicians, things would still be screwed.

  5. “IMHO I think they need to sort of defend him, because he’s their POS and they need him for the next two years.”

    I disagree. This guys there for the payolla. That’s it, end of story. We need to draw the line sooner or later with these weak POS’s. Might as well start here cause I’ll guarantee you he will end up voting for what ever Mitch The Bitch tells him to.

  6. Tulsi Gaggard is Trey Gowdy with better hair. Her accent white streak moves like eyegores hump….They have both landed a high six figured income at a news speak network and that’s what they wanted……They both had a position of elected power and chose not to use it beneficially for the American people…..Fuck them and fuck their bloviating spew of being righteous now….

  7. willysgoatgruff
    With all due respect I think you’re making a snap judgement with out knowing enough facts/background/history. I started following her in the Obama first term when she accused him of funneling weapons to terrorists. Remember that? Not surprising if you don’t because the media did it’s best to sweep it under the rug. Long story short she went there with a bi partisan group and caught the Kenyan red handed. She’s shown integrity and resolve. Disclaimer. I reserve the right to be totally pissed off at her any given day.

  8. This problems needs to be “nipped in the bud” Guys is a habitual liar. Ask the tuff questions now, right now! Better to save face than to hide or sweep it under the rug. This problem will just not fade away on it’s own. Guy can’t be trusted,oh but you trust him? Not a good enough answer.

  9. Santos is compounding the lie by calling the lie a “mistake.”
    I can’t see how willfully misleading through lies and deceit is a “mistake.”

    Green should just stay out of it – if she supports liars and lying she should say so and support ALL liars and their lies – not just Republican liars and their lies.

    We have enough liars and other assorted filth in both Houses of Congress claiming to be Republicans – we don’t need more.

    Our political class is polluted – our bureaucracy is polluted – the Media is unable or unwilling to do the job the First Amendment allows them to do: their blatant partisanship and their accepting the mantle of propagandists for the purveyors of Nihilistic Totalitarianism SHOULD be their undoing – but America is asleep at the wheel – Academia, likewise, is thoroughly polluted – Wall St. and Madison Ave. are polluted – and our churches are polluted.

    America must wake or fall.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. The presence of two different political is just a show now. Our federal government is corrupt top to bottom; elected, un-elected, falsely elected, and un-fireable bureaucrats. I have no problem with anyone rightfully calling out any of them for their bullshit!

  11. Blame the RNC and the local political machine. How was this guy put forward as the party’s candidate? Why wait until after he is elected to do the background check, if ever? You can bet the opposition did its research early, then held the info until it would do the most damage, in case they lost.

    And the lies aren’t about things that really matter. If he got elected on a commonsense message, voters weren’t judging his degrees or religion/ethnicity. It’s the fact that he lied about these details that matters because now he can be judged on his integrity. Is he really a conservative?

  12. And a lot of people on Facebook Instagram and the rest of these social media posts lie as well so that they look good to their friends. We become a nation of liars and a nation that accepts lying.

    Every damn politician lies. They may not lie about their résumé but they lie about what they promise they’re going to do to get elected. And then they go to Congress and do exactly what they damn please or what they’re told to do. In my mind that’s a bigger lie because they got elected on false promises.

    Biden’s spokes idiot lies every single damn day as does the president every time he opens his mouth. So spare me the wailing about lying to get into office.

    And the press lies by omission every day also by not printing the truth and focusing on what’s really going on instead of the party line.

    And a lot of people on Facebook Instagram and the rest of these social media posts lie as well so that they look good to their friends. We become a nation of liars and nation that accepts lying.

  13. My BIGGEST fear is that the guy is lying about being a Republican.
    He’s got all the characteristics of a Democrat, right?
    Chances are if the Republicans fight to keep him in office they will be stabbed in the back.
    Then he will just become another entrenched incumbent corrupt Democrat then they will glorify him.
    Let him fight his own battles. Definitely don’t support him until you see how he truly acts in office.

  14. Ask Tulsi who she voted for President in 2020. That will end it there.
    I’m not supporting this guy, but if he gets kicked out of office then Biden and Kamala should both be impeached the first week the GOP gets control of the house.

  15. A cogent argument could be made (one that I do NOT subscribe to…….yet) that Tulsi is nothing more than an advantageous grifter. Knowing her own party wants nothing to do with her and is a dead end financially, she switches sides just like Joe Scarborough or Mary Catherine Ham because that is where the money is at.

    Yes, she says a lot of the right things, but I would remind those Tulsi supporters here that when pressed about her “present” vote on the Trump impeachment she said,” I could not in good conscience vote against impeachment because I believe President Trump is guilty of wrongdoing.”

    Until I hear her mea culpa’s on this statement or her explaining what exactly she meant by “wrongdoing”, I will continue to view her with a jaundiced eye and am glad that folks like MTG keep her feet to the fire.

  16. Do we get right into the mud and hang on to the guy like we are democrats or toss the bum like honest people? We’ll be dirty, the pig’s enjoying it and we’ll have one more unreliable vote in the house.

    What to do?

  17. McConnell, McCarthy, Graham, Collins, Murkowski, Romney etc. ad infinitum. Does it really matter? These bastards continue to get elected. The problem is THE REPUBLICAN PARTY STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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