It’s amazing how many Muslims are mentally ill

Of course I’m being cheeky with my title.

If Muslims are not mentally ill, there must be an explanation for why so many of them commit atrocities.

If Muslims are mentally ill, what is it about Islam that either attracts the mentally ill, or turns people mentally ill?

What a quandary for this gentle religion of peace.

Merrill McCarthy –

It is time to get serious and recognize the threats posed by people we have welcomed into our midst. Khalil Abu-Rayyan’s father was a Palestinian refugee. Khalil, the eldest of six, was born in the US. He graduated from high school and had some credits from community college and a job in the family’s pizza shop.

All American kid, Right? Not according to Assistant US Attorney Ronald Waterstreet who said Abu-Rayyan wanted to shoot, stab, choke people “skin them like sheep, even set them on fire”, a far cry from the description of his defense attorney who characterized him as part of a “family of peaceful Islamic worshippers.”


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  1. Don’t think a sane person could abide by rules established by a murdering pedophile who loved to rape and torture his victims, in between looting sprees. I think mental illness is an islamic requirement and something that a devout moslem is proud of and strives to outdo all the other psychotic demons in the cult.

    Are they just now noticing this? A few centuries late.

  2. Islam is like the flu
    Sometimes the flu kills you outright
    Sometimes it’s your own allergic reactions that kill you

    If Islam rules the world the slide into human extinction will be marked by bitter civil wars and pogroms and unimaginable creulty

  3. They got off on the wrong foot when a pedophile convinced them to worship a demon. Everything else descends from that.

  4. Are you seriously asking this? The answer is that they are constantly breeding with cousins or sisters, thus the average i.q. is in the 80s. Combined with a religion that teaches hatred of progress and hatred of “other”, what else could you expect?

  5. What……….

    no comments on this line……

    “…..These images of torture and worse are descriptions of the famous “night ride of Muhammed” when he rode the half woman, half horse named Barack on his visits to Heaven and Hell in the very beginnings of Islam…..”

  6. Mohammed’s mental illness and seizures are well documented in the koran.
    That the rantings of an insane man would not attract the same should not be a surprise.

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