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It’s Caturday!

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  1. We have one that won’t let me put my shoes on in the morning until she gets enough loving. Which isn’t out of the ordinary except this cat started out feral and has now decided human are not that bad. She also sleeps in a dog bed. With a dog.

  2. I can relate. My cat does that, but not near to that extent. He mostly likes to nudge my hand when I am writing, making writing very difficult. If he nudges my hand in just the right way, he could turn an innocuous word like “Luck”, or “Duck” into a very bad word indeed.

    I keep a stash of kitty treats and put them ten feet away when I need to write. Then, he leaves me alone till dinner time.

  3. My cat woke me up this morning by jumping on my bed, sitting on my hip, head butting my hand, my forehead, then circling and plopping down with his back turned – in my face.

    He was hungry and I over slept- according to him. I was so tired I slept a while longer, breathing on the soft fur of a warm purring cat. It was wonderful. Life would be so mundane without cats.

  4. I missed this post on Caturday because my neighbor’s cat was in my backyard demanding my attention.
    Ever since we lost our Ranger, Miss Marigold has taken over our yard as her own.
    She doesn’t keep the squirrels away and she may be hunting the lizards, but she has us trained to lavish just the right amount of attention upon her.
    It is to the point that Mr. Kakalogical and I worry a bit if we don’t see her during the day!


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