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It’s Chili In Here

Hello There Friends, an Amazing Chili recipe today!

This Chili with be your NEW Family Recipe. – Chef Jean-Pierre.

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  1. We need an IOTW chili cook off contest and yes I use a classic mirepoix (carrots, celery, onions) in mine, but I’m not opposed to the cajun holy trinity (celery, green peppers, onion ). And there will be beans and tomatoes!……My Colorado/New Mexico version of pork green chili has placed in a couple of chili contests…..I need a snow storm to get more inspiration….

  2. I ran across this recipe some years ago. Everyone loves it. I’ve tweeked it here and there, especially with the meat. I like 50% Pork and 50% cubed beef, well seasoned. If you’re a Yankee, like I am, and use beans it’s worth a try.

  3. Chili on a bed of rice is good. I was TDY at Eielson AFB and they served it that way at the mess hall. Just one more way to consume that pot of chili along with chili with cornbread, chili mac, chili dogs

  4. A large ingredient list creates a large disappointment. Recipes with a 6 ingredient maximum, including seasoning, are the only way to go.
    If you must have more ingredients, make a side dish.

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