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Mystery Nevada Fossil Site Could Be Ancient Maternity Ward

NTD: NEW YORK—Scientists have uncovered new clues about a curious fossil site in Nevada, a graveyard for dozens of giant marine reptiles. Instead of the site of a massive die-off as suspected, it might have been an ancient maternity ward where the creatures came to give birth.

The site is famous for its fossils from giant ichthyosaurs—reptiles that dominated the ancient seas and could grow up to the size of a school bus. The creatures—the name means fish lizard—were underwater predators with large paddle-shaped flippers and long jaws full of teeth.

Since the ichthyosaur bones in Nevada were excavated in the 1950s, many paleontologists have investigated how all these creatures could have died together. Now, researchers have proposed a different theory in a study published in the journal Current Biology on Dec. 19.

“Several lines of evidence all kind of point towards one argument here: That this was a place where giant ichthyosaurs came to give birth,” said co-author Nicholas Pyenson, curator of fossil marine mammals at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. more here

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  1. So, the ocean’s heights were much higher before than these days?
    Musta been one helluva ‘Climate Change’ to cause that. Those reptiles shoulda used EV’s.

  2. Or …it could have been a world wide flood; every culture has stories about same, and the Bible has the documented the event.

    These people will do anything to justify their rebellion against God.

  3. It’s just where a bunch of drowning animals were quickly covered in mud during Noah’s flood.

    The flood perfectly answers so many questions about earth’s geology.

    When will people wise up? They hate God too much to see the obvious.

    They love their sin more than Him to admit the plain truth.

  4. My father worked on the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit.) A new tunnel was dug next to the Caldecott Tunnel. He brought home fossilized bones from the project, and fossilized sea life. They didn’t dare tell the superintendent in charge. The project would have been shut down in order for the “scientists” to show up and dig around for months on end. Don’t forget that the world was covered in water during Noah’s days.


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