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It’s Getting More and More Difficult To Tell a University From An Insane Asylum

Diogenes’ Middle Finger:
First Amendment Rights a State Tactic to Preserve
White Supremacy Over Feelings

With the election of Barky Obama, minorities in America came to falsely believe they were finally running things in America. With the election of Donald Trump, they now believe America has taken a step back into the 19th century. Denial of free speech to anyone who disagrees with them somehow seems right. But as we have seen, as more minorities combine into a majority, they themselves are taking on the the very cloak and mindset of oppression.


America, and all it stands for is under attack by the least oppressed people in the world. Whites are being taught to be self loathing and join with people who can only identify themselves by their sexual orientation, ethnicity or skin color. Feeling over Freedom and the Law. Classic Western Liberalism that has freed Millions is under attack. Modern Progressivism is on the verge of becoming Regressive-ism. Case in point:

A rambling screed posted to the Daily Californian by a UC Berkeley student on Monday declared that the First Amendment right to free speech is nothing more than a tactic used by the state to preserve white supremacy. What should matter more, argued Juniperangelica Xiomara Cordova-Goff, a student senator at UC Berkeley, are the feelings of so-called marginalized students. (by marginalized he she means non-whites)  — MORE

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  1. Not only any university, go to any office for the State of Washington. If you apply for a job as transgendered, afro-alien-muslim-hilaryclintonsupporting-carpetmuncher you will have a job. I tell you Seattle has gone to hell, but Olympia is every bit as bad. Chances are every liberal state capitol is the same.

  2. These minorities need to sit back and watch before getting involved. They approach it all as a screaming match,just like the Politicians back where they actually belong.
    If you can’t appreciate America you don’t belong here !

  3. One difference that I can see between them is that an insane asylum has “caretakers” that actually understand the inhabitants are insane and treat them accordingly. A university, no so much – the “caretakers” there are just as nuts as the students, sometimes even more so.

  4. There’s not a shred of discernable coherent or logical thought in this person’s screed, so I’ll just say this – the earrings don’t match the rest of the outfit.

  5. Creeping insanity is apparent when even Diogenes’ has been persuaded to adopt the insanity that this mustachioed drag queen is a “she”.

    When this motley coalition have succeeded in undermining Western Christian Male Civilization and Sharia is triumphant, they’re in for a rude surprise.
    Rooftops, acid, slave chains.

  6. as far as the universities go, the crazy pay the same tuition as the sane do ?

    the only difference is the crazy don’t actually demand to be taught in any relevant subjects like the sane do.

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