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Trayvon Martin Awarded Posthumous Degree In Aeronautical Science

DC: A historically black college plans to award Trayvon Martin a posthumous degree later in May, the school announced Wednesday.

Florida Memorial University will present a bachelor’s of aeronautical science May 13 to Martin’s parents, Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

Trayvon Martin died in 2012 after neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman shot him during an altercation.

The award serves to honor Martin’s memory and pay homage to the work his parents do for social justice, the school said.

“The University will confer upon TRAYVON MARTIN a posthumous degree in Aeronautical Science with a concentration in Flight Education, in honor of the steps he took during his young life toward becoming a pilot,” the school’s statement read.

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  1. That stupid low IQ dirt bag
    could not even perform basic 6 th grade
    math muchless calculus & fourier transformations
    needed for aeronautical science….
    Give a Frickin’ break !!!

  2. 1. Fold the top coners of the paper towards the center. (Advanced students may double fold).
    2. Fold the paper lengthwise along the middle.
    3. Fold lengthwise once more along each side.
    4. Launch the aircraft in the desired direction.

    You will be graded on aircraft stability and length of flight.


    You may pick up your Florida Memorial University diploma from the tissue dispenser in the bathroom stall.

  3. Brilliant. Can you imagine how many fools will donate part of their welfare checks to that school now? Bet any publicity put out about this will include where to donate.

  4. Yep, here it is right in the story.

    “The school plans to host a fundraiser for its Department of Aviation and Safety and for The Trayvon Martin Foundation after the ceremony.”

  5. Why not? Obammy got a Nobel Peace Prize before he did anything. Which was nothing. Same thing, I guess. I can only imagine what awards Obastard will get posthumously.

  6. I am laughing my ass off right now. This has to be a joke. Have any of you ever read Jack Cashill’s book, “If I Had a Son” “Race, guns, and The Railroading of George Zimmerman.”? Fugetaboutit!

  7. I thought Red Barry was history’s alltime AA recipient, but giving a BS Areonautical Engineering to a dead thug strung out on purple drank that never attended college, obtained a pilots license or worked at an airport is a close second.

    See young black kids, you to can aspire to greatness as a worthless piece of shit, just get shot dead by whitey.

  8. My eldest son worked 5 years to EARN his BS Areonautical Engineering degree, without a single cent of loans. So now, does his hard work and well earned degree have the credibility of thuggery?

    Those who won’t work to gain what others have worked to gain, are tearing the fibers of sanity asunder.

    Is my son’s degree wasted? No, the thumb suckers will be left out in the open, without a thing to support them, while those they burn out, will move away and start again. And the workers will succeed, again, while the thumb suckers poop their pants and kill each other off.

  9. So what good is a posthumous degree in Aeronautical Engineering, it’s not like he’ll ever be able to use it for anything? I wouldn’t even have give him a degree in a nothing but Advanced thuggery 101. So I guess now if a ne’er do well like Trayvon Martin wants to advance in life or death all you have to do is get yourself killed (and become a martyr) by whitey to advance the liberal idiotic agenda. That’s a heckuva deal don’t you think, NOT!

  10. Florida Memorial University should be burned to the ground and the Earth salted so that nothing will ever grow there. Anyone who lets their child go there is a moron.

    This “award” is a close second to the Nobel Peace Prize fraudulently given to the FORMER POTUS who had an illegal war in North Africa and destabilized the whole Middle East, which is quite an accomplishment.

  11. A move in the proper direction.
    As I have advocated for years (well, a long time) degrees of “higher learning” should be distributed to “minorities” on a proportional basis.
    If, say, half the caucasoids graduate HS then half of minorities should be given (at random) a HS diploma without attending (and causing disturbances at) an actual High School.
    Same with the BS (BA).
    Same with the MS (MA).
    And PhD.
    MDs and Lawyer things, too (JDs, I guess).

    And just send em a check each month from all the huge businesses and firms.
    Same thing we’re doing now, but more honest.

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. Gone to soon, thanks to Zimmerman (that white boy of color). If Oblowme had a son he would look just like little Trgone. T. Martin was just a little piece of shit thug who never did a thing to be honored. FMU must be one of those “traditional” Black schools that do not require that you read or write to graduate.

  13. A task force of IOTW all stars could not have come up with a more bizarre non sequitur than this. We could have had a contest about “Most Deranged Posthumous Awards for Trayvon Martin” and no one would have topped this

    We try to satirize these people and we just cant keep up with the reality of it all

  14. I’m picturing St. Skittles in a white lab coat and safety goggles pouring Arizons Ice Tea and cough syrup into an Erlenmeyer flask. Purple Drank may get you high but there’s nothing aeronautical about it.

    Maybe Florida State can give Zimmerman an honorary degree in Criminal Justice.

  15. Liberals always fantasize about utopian scenarios. Despite the reslity that Trayvon Martin was a useless dreg, liberals want to portray him as an innocent victim of a restrictive, prejudice, hateful system that couldn’t see Martin’s genius potential. The posthumous degree fixes that according to the socialist bent mindset of liberals.

  16. Why not troll the slums and find a random Son of Obama and just give him a full ride? Call it the Travon Martin Memorial whatever. Give the young thug personal tutors for each class- I mean the works; don’t stop at a BA- let the guy flap his wings all the way to a Phd or Md?

    Could you imagine the change you could bring to just one person? Imagine the rippling effects it could have on that young man’s posterity and community. But then imagine the work required and the actual cost to the University- then think of the liability if the thug in questions feels all disrespected by staff or a fellow student and decides to teach that creepy ass cracker a lesson… HELL NO!

    Just give Trayvon’s parents a meaningless piece of paper and walk away with a smug feeling of moral superiority.

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