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It’s Not Just NYC That Will Be Dangerous on New Year’s Eve

D Lo writes:
I know there were a couple of comments made today about staying away from NYC, but looks like these bastards are going to be wreaking havoc nationwide.

Couple of links I’ve come across that might make an interesting and informative post ….

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  1. Looks like a repeat of Berkley happened a few days ago.

    Video shows a clean shoot by the officer. Gun in hand, just fired it beforehand, turning to cop and pointing it at him.

    Mob descends and starts throwing things. False witnesses start showing up and telling lies.

    I think they are refining the fake witness thing. Going to throw every lie they can in the confusion of the moment. At some time there won’t be a video or an honest person around and the false witnesses will be the only ones.

    A link from that page:

  2. @Moe Tom, I clicked on that communist manifesto link and found that they have versions in Farsi, Turkish, and Arabic. Fucking commie bastards.

    I also left them a message on that website:

    Do the world a favor, move to Russia or Saudi Arabia and pedal your communist propaganda there. See if you can overload their system. We don’t need your bullshit here in America.

    How many people showed up for Marx’s funeral? That’s right, nine total. He was a miserable loser with no real friends in the world — just like all the other people who believe the utopian lies of communism. โ˜ป

  3. The communist anti-revolution (our republic’s founding being the original, ongoing revolution) starts in earnest for 2015. Their Manchurian Marxist has two years left and they know time is running out.

    At some point we will see a magazine-fed Bernard Goetz blitzkrieging a troop of rabid niggers in the street. Chief Mau Mau calls out the military in retaliation. Then it’s game on, Civil War.

    We’re that close.

  4. I wonder if Black people would care if the cops shot the white people organizing these “protests”. Just saying…

  5. No worries here, as I declared New Year’s Eve “Amateur Night” about 30 years ago and haven’t gone out to celebrate it since, especially after putting down the bottle July 4, 1988.

    Good night to stay home and clean weapons/inventory ammo….

  6. In case no one has seen today’s NYT Editorial Board editorial on the De Blasio / NYPD feud. Let’s get the new year off with a bang and make this entire situation much worse:

    It is classic liberalism. Essentially, a declaration of war on the police with the usual calls from the peanut gallery that anyone participating in a “work slowdown” should be fired.

    I say go for it. Let’s see how long New York City last without a police force. And road block the exits.

  7. Hey guys, thanks for the links to the NYT.

    The mayor has declared war alright. On another note – he should be happy the bad bad bad bad police haven’t been writing tickets – which would naturally target blacks because the police are so ‘racist’.


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