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It’s only a meme, but

Somewhere out there, you just know a social justice warrior is actually thinking this –


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  1. … and misused ‘is’ in place of ‘be’

  2. I heard some time ago that certain States banned Bayer and Aleve from putting cotton in their capsules because in order to get at the tablets people would have to “pick the cotton” out first. They now use sawdust, as the cotton picking is racist. Don’t ask me, please.

  3. the mind is a wonderful thing, and conditions us to discriminate based on experience and observations

    based on my observations of blm, anti-white violence, cop shootings, and the way blacks vote, i guess i’m a racist

    based on my experience with marriage and women, i guess i’m a misogynist

    based on my experience and observations of gay men and the disgusting things they do, i guess i’m a homophobe

    and based on my readings and observations of the violent madness and scourge we call Islam, i am definitely an islamophobe

    there is no hope for me

  4. @: ~ congratulations, you are a rational human being

  5. For a small fee, I can make it yellow for him.

  6. I’m surprised(not really) that the snits have not yet gone after the fertile area of racist & sexist nomenclature in the automotive,plumbing and other technical fields;
    Master cylinder, slave cylinder, tits, nipples, monkey wrench.
    See what happens when schools don’t offer vocational education anymore, aspiring sjw’s are missing out on so many words to be offended by.

  7. When the race card is the only thing in your deck, that’s all you can play.

  8. Then of course Obama always pulls the race card.
    Hillary always pulls the women card.
    But Americans pulled the Trump card.
    Though Shit scumbags!

  9. The only natural weather phenomenon that I think an SJW can identify with is a shit storm.

  10. What Jethro gave us. Perfect. A perfect scumbag who makes no sense. He should be in jail

  11. (Sung to “Let it Snow”)
    Oh the weather outside is racist,
    My logic has no basis
    …………………Jump in, anytime and help out…………….

  12. When you see racism in the bottom of your cereal bowl…

  13. My daughter last night said; “It’s so white outside with all the snow.”

    I said; “What, are you racist?”

    She said; “I wasn’t talking about people.”

    I said; “But you said white, that’s racist”

    She said; “There’s no such thing as black snow”

    I said; “Why does it have to be black?”

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