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It’s Too Late Baby

Eliot Cohen is getting plenty of attention for an opinion piece posted Tuesday night at The Washington Post calling for the creation of 3rd Party.


“It is time for a third candidate, and probably for a third party.”

His reasoning, well if Trump could turn the whole Republican Party on itself, why not carve it into smaller pieces.


“Even if a third candidacy still yielded a Clinton victory, it would be worth it.”

Which is the exact argument against forming a 3rd party now.

What would be the animal mascot for this 3rd party? Perhaps this something like this:


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  1. As Buchanan has said, “They’re two wings of the same bird”. It’s hard to argue that they aren’t, especially over the last few years. I want a party that will fight the Dumbocraps, not negotiate or make deals with them. They are the enemy and any negotiations or deals mean we give them something, which means less freedom and larger government. We need a true Conservative party……

  2. There should be no parties! Every candidate runs on their own platform and the voters decide which candidate they prefer. My other suggestion would be for all Republicans and Conservatives register as Democrats. That would really FU all those who vote Democratic because someone tells them to.

  3. Conservative Pundit – ‏@DemsRRealRacist

    “I’m considering rage-quitting the GOP, but you guys have to promise to be like, “Nooo! Don’t do it! We’ll be lost without your commentary!”
    9:46 AM – 4 May 2016

  4. A 3rd party effort at this stage, with no organizational infra-structure, would be a fools errand regardless of who the candidate might be….and no viable or suitable national candidate comes to mind.

    The only beneficiary would be hillary and the socialist democratic party.

    But for many who press that effort, their desire hillary, socialism and furthering obama’s destruction of the US.

    If you fall for this, you’ll fall for anything.

  5. If Walker or Cruz were where Donald Trump is today I’d be demanding party unity from all to keep Hillary out and get the Dem’s dirty mitts off of the Executive Branch.

    Now that shoe’s on the Trump foot, I’m going to do what I expected others to do if my guy won, I’m voting straight line R come November.

  6. Glenn Beck is all over this. Can you smell the stench of desperation sweat?

    Maybe they can get Ross Perot at age 85. Perhaps another member of the Bush clan. No wait, Miss Lindsey is perfect.

  7. One way to look at this is a new party now would not be a third, but rather a second party. The differences between the Reps and Dems are certainly there, but the elephant herd in the room is the way they both look at govt as a tool, a mechanism, to achieve power over the people they look disdainfully upon as subjects.

    I’m all for starting a new party, but the timing is wrong right now. What I would join is the LUTHA Party:

    Leave Us The Hell Alone Party

    For the record, although I am not a fan of the US electoral system, and believe voting in your preferred despot is a very flawed idea, I’m looking at this particular upcoming election as a utilitarian event: H-Rod is so awful that it makes little difference to me how awful Trump might be. I’ll vote for Trump if for no other reason than he promises to be disruptive of the current political engines, and those engines have been highly destructive of American values, society, commerce, and comity for a very long time. I’m skeptical that he’ll be able to change much, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed that he’ll make some kind of difference, and “different from terrible” is likely at least to be less terrible.

  8. The Constitution is very ‘majority rules’ for votes, not ‘plurality rules’. Therefore the Constitution discourages third parties, because splitting a party greatly weakens it against the party that doesn’t split. If you are suicidal (politically speaking), split your party. Otherwise, if you like winning, support whoever your party selects and hope to change your party through an internal takeover like Trump and Cruz and the rest of us effectively did.

  9. I realize that the Whigs are still stinging over the Republicans creating a third party.
    It used to be you and the Democrats, but those days are over. The world did not end and the Democrats did not take over.
    As a matter of fact, they had their slaves taken away and generally got the short end of the stick.
    The Democrats fought back hard, and now they have one of their own at the top of the Republican ticket.
    History may not repeat, but it tends to rhyme.
    Now that the Republicans have lost it is the perfect time for some fresh faces to do to the Republicans what the Republicans did to the Whigs.

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