It’s unsafe to trust any farm products from China

You don’t enjoy potatoes that have actual eyes?


8 Million Acres of China’s Farmland is Too Polluted to Farm; All Farm Products From China Suspect; Iceberg Principle 

At the end of 2013, China reported over 3 mln hectares of land too polluted to farm.

 About 3.33 million hectares (8 million acres) of China’s farmland is too polluted to grow crops, a government official said on Monday, highlighting the risk facing agriculture after three decades of rapid industrial growth.

China has been under pressure to improve its urban environment following a spate of pollution scares.

But cleaning up rural regions could be an even bigger challenge as the government tries to reverse damage done by years of urban and industrial encroachment and ensure food supplies for a growing population.

Wang Shiyuan, the vice-minister of land and resources, told a news briefing that China was determined to rectify the problem and had committed “tens of billions of yuan” a year to pilot projects aimed at rehabilitating contaminated land and underground water supplies.

The area of China’s contaminated land is about the same size as Belgium. Wang said no more planting would be allowed on it as the government was determined to prevent toxic metals entering the food chain.

“In the past there have been news reports about cadmium-contaminated rice – these kinds of problems have already been strictly prohibited,” he said.



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  1. They’re going to clean it up???
    Pleeeze…they will do nothing!
    Who’s going to MAKE them?

    China is like the ultimate slum landlord.
    It’s all about making money.
    Spending any on “maintenance” isn’t part of the operation.

    And anybody who buys ANY Chinese food product, either grown or manufactured, is gambling.

  2. Poisonous dog food and dog chews, toxic children’s toys, toxic drywall.

    Chinese firms just bought Smithield Ham and it’s many brands.
    FDA just approved China to raise, slaughter and process chicken for human consumption, completely in China, then ship the final processed chicken direct from China to US supermarkets (and for use in other Processed foods: canned soups, frozen meals, etc).
    China was trying to aquire Purdue Chicken, not sure if they have yet.

  3. Wait, WHAT? A Marxist-Leninist-communist-socialist-collectivist-liberal-progressive-statist country is failing to feed its own population?

    Someone needs to call Noam Chomsky and tell him of this very first time that progressivism has failed to live up to its promises.

  4. Someone needs to call Noam Chomsky and tell him of this very first time that progressivism has failed to live up to its promises.

    nicely done-marinated in and heavily basted with sarcasm

    a sargasm!

  5. Even their clean up projects will be rife with incompetence and corruption. They’ll have one or two potemkin clean up projects as showcases but no actual agricultural or industrial use will be made of them and no real people will live there.

  6. Not seeing any incentive for China to clean up it’s act. They don’t care about their own people, why would they care about Americans stupid enough to trust them.
    China will continue farming polluted land – nobody can stop them.

  7. it says “ deal with a growing population” isn’t China population going down since the one child law?

    who writes this stuff

  8. @grayscape, what is the story of your avatar photo?

    Agreed, the PRC has zero incentive to clean up anything. Not in agriculture nor any other export industry.
    And we have zero reason to believe any of their claims, their statistics, their scientific ‘data’ or their re-assurances.

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