It’s why the left hated Reagan


5 Comments on It’s why the left hated Reagan

  1. Yep. And the left includes RINOs. They may not be raising taxes to your face, but they still spend money on bullshit, which causes taxes to go up eventually.

    Ugh. Hate them all.

  2. Man I miss him-I’m glad I had the chance to live through his 8 years knowing full well how his successful policies were killing the REgressives.

    I sure would like to do that again and now is the time for a monumental turnaround.

    How’d you like to see real GDP up, a solid rate of growth in 2018, even more Republican CONSERVATIVES elected in the mid terms and Obama walking around like he’s passing a GD pickle out his ass?

    I know I would.

  3. I love/loved Ronald Reagan as much as the Left hated him. They are screwy not to have hung on every word this great man uttered. heh “The bombing starts in 5 minutes.” Even his little dry humor jokes were so funny, yet scared the pants off the enemy.

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