Soon you might be breaking the law if you back your car into your own driveway.

car backed into driveway


As part of the effort to get rid of abandoned cars contributing to blight, some City Council members are looking at how license plates are displayed while vehicles are parked in front of homes.

A proposal being considered says that if inspectors can’t see a vehicle’s tag from the road, the owner could be cited. That means vehicles wouldn’t be allowed to be covered up in a driveway, either.

“I think it’s ridiculous,” said homeowner Dave Bryant, who said he always backs into his driveway. “The main reason I do it is people parallel park on the side of the street, so if you are backing out, you can’t see traffic coming.”

But City Council members said if code inspectors can’t easily see a tag, they can’t tell if a vehicle is properly registered, because they are not allowed to walk onto private property.



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  1. Yes Brittany. One front one back. Like New York. What the hell, prisoners make the plates. Put them on overtime. Keep them busy. And the lazy fucking inspectors don’t have to get out of their cars. This great country is sliding down fast. I’m glad in a way that I’m on the down slope, over the hill, so to speak. But it’s the grandchildren I really feel sorry for.

  2. Oh shit, don’t get me started on the front plate Cali thing. The wife drives an ML500. No place to put a front plate. I had to machine one up. It’s the Fing CHP traffic Nazis looking for revenue. Corvettes also have no way to attach a front plate, but they still sell them here. A couple years ago I was pulled over by a Traffic Nazi (CHP) for no front plate. CHP. “Do you know why I pulled you over?”. Me, “No, I was hoping you knew”. Nazi(not happy). “You have no front plate”. Me “So”. Nazi “That’s Illegal”. Me “Why”. Nazi “So we can identify vehicles in a car chase”. Me “How fucking fast do you think I can go in reverse?” Yea I got a fix it ticket and plenty of attitude. City cops and Sherrifs hate Hate the CHP.

  3. Makes ’em nutso when you drive a car from out-of-state that doesn’t have front plates.

    Must be nice that the PO-leece in Jacksonville have the crime so much under control that they can focus on puppy shit like this.

  4. What am I missing?
    How in the hell is a car abandoned if it’s parked in your fucking driveway?

  5. What the municipality is missing is the opportunity to generate revenue. If you have a car that’s not tagged, then it doesn’t have a paid up inspection. Remember all your monies are theirs. You should be thanking them, right?

  6. Just do what nanny state NJ does: slap a tag on both ends.

    Or make enough to own a garage–scratch that…make enough to own a garage and not be a pack-rat so you can actually park a car in it.

    “Hello Neighbors!”

  7. Hey Brad, does California still make you pay on a non operative vehicle every year or ding you for full cost for all the back years plus penalties if you don’t when you go to register it?

  8. No I had a Mo Ho non opped for a couple years. No charge. I know it’s Freaken amazing. Hopefully we are out of here soon. Headed North but not sure how far.

  9. Everything to do with cars is all about fines, uhh, I mean taxes. They always talk safety but that’s bullshit. It is revenue for the city, county or state and all three are fighting for your hard earned dollar. Most traffic cops around my neck of the woods are pricks with an attitude.

  10. If they can’t walk on my property, then it’s a dead cinch they can’t tell me how to park my car on it. If the car were sitting on the street, then it would be a different story.

  11. God forbid a public servant has to actually get off his/her/gender neutral ass and manually check for a plate.

  12. Next they’re going to fine you if you park your car inside your garage where it is completely non-visible?

  13. Remember when Obamacare proponents said mandatory health insurance was just like mandatory car insurance? And how we responded that car insurance wasn’t mandatory if our car was only on our private property?

    And remember when gun controllers said every gun must be registered with the state? And how we said our guns on our private property are not the state’s business?

    They are working hard on whittling down property rights to get to the other things they want.

  14. this is racist! the rich white people with long driveways at their estates won’t be impacted since their cars will be too far off the road. it will only impact the poor blacks. Ok sarcasm off this is one of the dumbest ideas that has come from a city hall recently. How about having cops watching for drunk and reckless drivers and not worry at all about a parked car in someone’s driveway?

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