Jacobin Writer Handed Out Masks Instead Of Candy On Halloween

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Carl Beiher, a leftist writer for Jacobin, says that someone wrote “Let’s Go Brandon” on his garage with ketchup after he handed out masks and told trick-or-treaters to go home. More

14 Comments on Jacobin Writer Handed Out Masks Instead Of Candy On Halloween

  1. Betcha he wrote it himself. It’d be funny if some video turned up showing this jerk doing it. What a fag.

  2. Thirdtwin – No pics, it didn’t happen. I agree, bet the fag did it himself. If not, I don’t condone that type of stuff, but giving it back to them after that past year and a half, I’m all for it.

  3. That’s not a ‘Category,’ Heatsync.

    The Halloween categories are:

    Tree Decorations
    Window Adornments
    Noise Makers
    Porch Presents

  4. back in the day … the LEAST we would’ve done was egg his car … not knowing his car, we would’ve egged his house

  5. Typical Liberal POS
    He handed out masks, that I’ll bet he stole from a retailer, so that he wouldn’t have to buy candy.

    Arrogant Assholes, Shameless Cheapskates, Insufferable Know-it-alls —improve your life by shunning all liberals, even if they are relatives.

  6. Yup, as a child (many, many years ago), I would have loved to get a piece of cloth rather than a sugar fix /sarc


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