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Jail Time Please

How many times do people have to be told not to text while driving?

Sorry ain’t gonna cut it. Keep your eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. It’s all we ask.


‘I’m sorry, I was texting’: Witness claims Texas pick-up driver, 20, admitted to being on his cellphone when he crashed head-on with church bus – leaving 13 choir members dead

  • Witness Jody Kuchler said the driver who crashed into a bus was texting
  • Jack Dillon Young, 20, was identified as the driver of the Dodge pickup truck  
  • The accident happened in Uvalde County, Texas, on Wednesday afternoon
  • Kuchler said Young was driving erratically and going in between lanes
  • The truck collided with a bus carrying elderly churchgoers back from a retreat
  • The driver of the bus, retired teacher Murray Barrett, and 11 passengers died at the scene while another died later at the hospital  


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  1. The I-phone is an idiot box.
    I refuse to own one or “text”.
    It will steal your imagination & your life.
    It is 180 degrees of what it is called.
    It is a social DISCONNECT.life in prison…

  2. Suss off with the ‘millennial’ remark. I’ve seen PLENTY of ‘middle aged’ idiots texting and driving. As dumb as dog sh-t many millennials are, WHO do you think raised the little assholes? The air? I’m perhaps the youngest poster on here [23] and I don’t like to constantly read slights like that. It helps nothing.

    Anyway, this arrogant pos deserves to be charged with multiple accounts of involuntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, have his license revoked for life, and then get 50 years in prison.

  3. Chuffed beyond dude.
    Stereo typing can come back around
    and bite you on the A$$.Let’s hope there
    are more young dudes like you out there
    in the heart land. Good luck, RADIOATIONMAN

  4. @reboot; hi Reboot, it’s not just millennials. I can’t count the number of times I’ve watched drivers of all ages driving while reading or texting on their phones. I’ve also almost been hit a few times while walking my dog when someone has stopped halfway into the intersection on red light with their phones in their hands. This guy ought to get at least 20 years in prison to try once again, to send a message. Even at that he’ll still be able to build a life unlike all those he took.

  5. ^I know @ least ten others like me online, and in my own family I have 6 siblings [ranging from 17 to 31] who all use their heads and think for themselves. I know a couple of people that I hope to gradually open their eyes and minds to reason and truth. It’s a slow process though.

  6. I would actually love to put 6″ I beams on each side of my
    truck so that I could just Mad Max those fine shitbags off the
    I like to cause drama to the POS red light runners as I pull in
    front of them when we have a green. I love to watch their faces as they
    lock their breaks in the middle of the intersection and try to figure
    out what to do.

    Sorry for the comments on the Millenials, it’s your parent’s fault, not

  7. I am constantly intrigued by what much of general society accepts and doesn’t accept. Smoking but not pot. Drinking but not drugs. Texting while driving, drinking while driving, but not carrying a firearm. I consider myself a libertarian, but that means two things: personal freedom, but also personal responsibility. Far too many people ignore their responsibilities.

  8. My state has pretty strong laws against texting while driving, or even using the phone while driving, unless you have hands-free.
    It doesn’t matter.
    I see people looking at their screens while driving every single day.

  9. Last time I drove to the city some asshole was getting on the freeway, I moved over to make a clear lane, as always.
    When he pulled on the freeway, he was staring at his phone, I doubt he would have even seen me.
    If I hadn’t moved, it could have been trouble, right here in River City.

  10. The only consolation for this story is that the bus load of departed have headed for eternal life with their savior. What a tragic story. What a devastating loss to all those families and friends and members of the church.

  11. Worse than drunks, a drunk may see 2 or 3 of you, but at least he’s looking. I’ve been a motorcycle “enthusiast” my whole life, I’m use to people trying to kill me, but it’s gotten way worse over the last 10 years or so.
    It’s a compulsion….I call it “texturbation”.

  12. As a returning motorcyclist, I quit riding prior to the mass supply of cell phones. These idiots and their phones scare the Hell out of me! I can catch them while in my truck, but on the bike, I really find them as I peer directly into their windows.

    Cut me off some time while on your phone and you’ll be buying a new rearview mirror!

  13. I used to live in a gated apartment complex.
    I would walk Roxy and watch people drive in and out.
    90% of women coming and going had their heads down, looking at their phones.
    Yes, the men did it too, just not near as much as the women.
    It is beyond ridiculous.

    This driver should have perished, but the world is sinister now.

  14. – The accident happened in Uvalde County, Texas…

    I spend a little time on a firearm related site or two and a recurring theme is news articles about an “accidental” firing of a gun. There’s always a chorus (I sing baritone) of “There’s no such thing as an ND (accidental discharge). It was an ND (negligent discharge).”

    So this wasn’t a traffic accident. It was negligent driving.

  15. I’m convinced that my coworker’s 20 something son died as a result of texting and driving. Workday morning on a perfectly sunny day slammed into a stopped tractor trailer at high speed. She’s never been the same since.

  16. The funny thing is, most of us got along just fine when all we had was pay phones!
    Throw the cell phone in the trunk. If you really need to talk to someone, stop and make the call… or especially a text. You won’t lose yer friends if you don’t respond to them in an hour or so. There are other things more important… like yer life or someone else’s!

  17. PHenry, I saw an accident like that last May 20th on I-65 in Alabama. (I remember the date because it was my birthday)
    It was gruesome.
    Sheared into the car like a can opener.
    Likely speeding, following too close, and texting.
    Such preventable carnage.

  18. I gotta say, women are the worst at this. It’s usually one of us looking at the phone or talking on it (teens through late 50’s average) One woman I saw made a U turn with the phone in her ear, driving a van full of kids wearing baseball uniforms. Heard screeching and everything, FFS! Under my breath, I said a prayer for those kids to get home safely. She could go fuck herself.

  19. BTW, for the youngsters wondering which medical field to specialize in- Try to specialize in neck and upper back injuries. Some of you people already have humps from bowing to your i-gods. lol

  20. The last person that ran into me was texting. She was a 40-something Eastern European transplant.


    With over 400 regular customers, texting saves me several hours every week in communicating them. When they can glance down and see that I am contacting them to set up their regular service agreement, they also appreciate not having to spend the time listening to voicemail and trying to write down any info if needed. It’s right there for them to look at when it’s convenient for them. Ditto for vice versa.

    So while I agree with the gist of your rant, no way is my iPhone an idiot box.

    Of Course, I understand I’m in the extreme minority that my iPhone does not have my actual email, does not have any of my credit card information.

    It’s a workhorse that allows me to check on IOTWReport in the lulls. Like this post.

    My God! What with this place be without me doing that crap?

    Don’t answer that. Please.

  21. Most states, including mine, have passed new laws making texting while driving illegal. As a police officer, I disagree with this. There are already numerous laws in place regarding this act in general.

    I have to agree with Left Coast Dan. This is about responsibility. No laws can force people to have common sense…..

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