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Jake Fapper – “Trump Was Right”

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  1. Well Tapper was a real POS yesterday talking about Tailib leading pro-Palestinian protest in the capital, and MTG trying to censure Tailib. He said that Marjorie called it an insurrection, but it wasn’t an issurection like J6. He continued saying that her censuring someone for pro-Palestinian protest, this coming from MTG that spoke at a rally that Nick Fuentas put on, and he is a white supremacist.

    He used it to bash MTG and Republicans instead of addressing what Tailib did.

  2. There’s a meme from The Patriot Post that says:

    “Stop referring to the Biden family corruption as Hunter’s business dealings.

    This was Joe’s business. Hunter was just the middle man.”

    Quote it to your liberal family members at Thanksgiving dinner. 🙂

  3. Still NOTHING Compared to Killary & the Pig F#cker!

    Anyone remember Russian access to American Uranium Rights WHILE “SHE” was Sec. O. State?

  4. Also, Harry Reid lied when he made outrageous claims about Mitt Romney’s income.
    But it helped 0bama win, and when asked later that was essentially Reid’s response: ‘We won, didn’t we?’


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