Jason Chaffetz Says He May Not Finish His Congressional Term


In his announcement earlier this week, Chaffetz said he may re-enter politics at some point, though he rules out running for any office in 2018. Some had speculated that the Republican would run to fill Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch’s seat. Chaffetz may be eyeing a run for governor in 2020.

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13 Comments on Jason Chaffetz Says He May Not Finish His Congressional Term

  1. Congress is accomplishing NADA. They should all be compost. Collectively and individually. WGAF what his career wants are?

  2. Thanks, Tiger Eyes. Can’t help but wonder if the swamp has begun draining.

    Trump has a wonderful way of working quietly and doing what he said he would do. No fanfare.

  3. He has the saddest eyes in the photo. He’s done something bad, maybe infidelity? Some ethical problem is about to become public. Too bad, so sad, goodbye.

  4. Jus a month ago, Chaffetz was getting all the airtime and lefty love for telling PDT to put up or shut up about wiretapping. Now he nkt only won’t run again, but may not finish his term? There has got to be a big catastrophe yet to be revealed.

  5. My guess is he was on the verge of a big pay day by someone and someone or thing is about to be exposed ala quiet investigation by Sessions’ DoJ, or in the routine auditing of the many departments that is underway right now at Ross’ or Mulvaney’s direction.


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