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Jeb Bush Again Defends Use Of ‘Anchor Babies’ Term, Says Referred To Asians


(Reuters) – U.S. Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said on Monday it was ludicrous to describe his use of the term “anchor babies” as offensive to immigrants, saying his original comments referred more to Asians coming to the United States to give birth. more


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  1. DAFUO? Indeed!! Someone must be paying him a lot of money to out clown and out lie and appear to be the biggiest moron to ever hit any presidential ballot. Being set up to lose against no matter WHO is on the demonrat ticket. A decoy.

  2. Not only is !Cheb! an idiot, so is the author of the linked article!

    Thankfully, “Tonys Take” responded beautifully:

    “The quote directly from the 14th amendment;

    “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States” Take note of the requirement in the middle of the quote “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Now, what do you suppose that meant?

    Well we don’t have to wonder because the author of that line (know as “the citizenship clause”) has explained himself.

    This was written by Sen. Jacob M. Howard, who clarified its meaning plainly as he introduced it to the United States Senate in 1866:

    There are FOUR classes of people to whom this clause does not apply.

    “This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the Government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”



    Families of Ambassadors

    Families of Foreign Ministers

    Got it now?

    What does ‘jurisdiction thereof’ mean?’ It means not owing allegiance to another nation (or even another tribe, because when the 14th amendment was passed it was intended to include Native Americans who were certainly born here but were still considered to be aliens and therefore NOT citizens).”

  3. Americans exercise their rights by staying in the country to have an abortion.
    Foreigners exercise their rights by coming to the country to give birth.

    Some ting is wong.

  4. “U.S. Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush said …”
    should read:
    “Republican candidate for President of Mexico, Jeb Bush said…”

    Surprising that no one out on the campaign has busted his teeth yet.

  5. I don’t want to give Jeb an inch of rope, but while the beaners have been dropping their shit apples here in record numbers, the slopes have tried to keep up.

    The difference however is the slopes go back home, then in 18 years they send their American born shit apple back her for education and eventually a great job.

    I finished college over 20 years ago the demographics for my degree were as follows, keep in mind this was a Midwest state party school.

    One white girl, one ginger dude and me.

    The rest were all Asians.

  6. “… ludicrous to describe his use of the term “anchor babies” as offensive to immigrants, saying his original comments referred more to Asians …”

    Soooo … only the invading alien rat-people from south and central America are “immigrants?” If the alien invading rat-people from asia and africa aren’t “immigrants,” what the heck are they?

    Oh, yeah, they’re alien invading rat-people just like the “hispicik” alien invading rat-people.

    We don’t need any more parasites … we’ve grown enough of our own – regardless of how many are murdered in utero.

  7. Lets face it, whites will be outnumbered eventually, no matter what we do about immigration and the wall. Its just a fact. White Americans are simply not having more than 1 or 2 children and you will never see big families again. The tax system and welfare system (college grants etc.) and abortion system wont allow it. “Middle” class whites do not want to go back to living like their grandparents. They want to have fewer children, give them as much as they can, and have the perks and quality of life for themselves.

    Chinee, mexis, muzzies, Indo-Paks, are just happy to have food and drink and free welfare. They will take whatever they can wrestle away from us. That said, the Chinee/Asian are not in the same category. We all know they are super smart, non violent, not welfare oriented, and although they create insulated communities they do not attempt to impose or supersede themselves over us. They accept their station. The others do not do that. They demand primacy.

    My concern is the “niggerization” of first generation Chinee/Asians. I see the young ones within their communities that have become a sub subculture. Thats scary and sad too. They dress like ghetto blacks, listen to rap garbage music they have no clue about, they are defying police and being wise asses. Perhaps it is just immaturity and ghetto peer pressure and they will grow out of it, but i doubt it. I think they will be polluted like most of todays white kids.

  8. Yes, the nogs have infiltrated the Asian culture but primarily because the wiggers showed them how. Asian teens emulating round eye culture accidentally captured some of the thug culture, because we allow our kids to be taught about life by the lamestream. The media has done a wonderful job indoctrinating white kids to lookup to thugs, just look at the NFL, NBA, pop music, etc.

  9. Dear fellow IOTWR geniuses: The reason bush can say and do anything he wants with impunity is because with rubio, kashich, christie, pitaki, and all the other “what the heck!” “candidates” in the race (splitters), bush will get the RNC nomination on the strength of 25% of 25% of the primary votes in key states. And remember, in some states it’s winner takes all of the nominating votes. Brought to you by the GOPe, who quietly changed election finance and voting rules while obama was working on other country-destroying tasks. It’s not only the left who believe a good crisis should not go to waste.

    Strongly encourage you to read the entire series of articles by Sundance:

  10. Yes, you are 100 % correct. I overlooked the bridge created by “whiggers” between ghetto black and new Chinee. Young Chinee get beatdowns and robbed by ghetto blacks. Their parents and uncles and aunts routinely get robbed, shoplifted and otherwise tortured by them. They know to fear them as one would suspiciously eye a pack of roaming junk yard dogs,

    The only Chinee I ever see in a ghetto housing project is the fearless or retarded Chinee delivery man that can run fast and take a beating. Chinee instinctively know to run like hell and stay away from the racist blacks. Except for the semi controlled prison type setting known as “school” where they can interact like a dog and a cat feeling each other out, they keep away.

  11. That presumes Yeb was actually in the running. Yeb from what I have seen is in single digits. He is not running head to head with Da Tromp. Yeb is imploding. He is behind at least 2-3 other serious candidates. I dont know one person that says they are supporting Yeb so “dont believe the hype”.

    Stop trying to convince your brain not to believe what your eyes are seeing. Stop trying to spin convoluted theories to explain what is very simple. Nobody likes Bush, they are sick of them like they are sick of Hillary, and no amount of money is going to buy him the nomination. End of story.

  12. Read the article and see the math. The RNC, like the DNC, is basically run like a corporation–not a democracy. If you look back to 2007/08, this is how obama got the candidacy. It was a squeaker with late primaries leaning toward clinton (but the AP helped out there). Early on (end of May), the DNC’s own Rules and Bylaws committee ruled on granting votes to obama for Michigan’s primary (where he wasn’t even on the ballot). They can do whatever they want as long as the voting members decide one thing over another. Same thing with the DNC and their “Super Delegates”. Sorry to rain on your parade.

  13. That is why, if you really wanted to change the political landscape you should have become a precinct captain for the RNC at least last year if you didn’t want bush.

  14. We know all that and Yeb is still running 5th. The RNC can pull the DNC as much as they want, Yeb is not going to win. He is not liked by even moderate repubics. He has no support. His money and the wishes of the party bosses and Pct captains dont matter. If it did, there would be no primaries to begin with, Yeb would not campaign, and the primaries would just be awarded to Yeb regardless of the fact he runs 5th.

    If the RNC hijacks the primary via the RNC machine and captains/delegates, they nominate a loser that will lose in the general. Repubics will stay home. They know that. They would have to also jump over Carson, Fiorina and Cruz whom are all also way ahead of Bush. So even if in theory you were correct about their intentions, it still wont work because Bush is not a serious contender. And if losing the general election is their secret goal, then they wouldnt care who wins the primary, they would just sabotage them. So your conspiracy theory resonates with some repubics but it is poppycock.

  15. The Republic is DEAD.

    Has been for some time. It died a slow, painful death of a thousand cuts over a hundred years, and now the politicians are feeding off the carcass, bleeding the taxpayers as long as they’ll allow it,

    They make the rules. They selectively enforce them. The media tells us to “Eat Shit and Like It” and we convince ourselves it’s chocolate. Name one major decision, one major piece of legislation, one major Executive Order, one ACT by the FedGov in the past 6 1/2 years that was Constitutional.

  16. @MBiAH — Ahhh, the silly season of presidential primaries is upon us and all those who don’t get electioneering, too.

    “So your conspiracy theory resonates with some repubics but it is poppycock.”

    Poppycock, you say? You wish, more’s like. Look, the only way to defeat them at their own game is to at least know their game plan, fool! And besides, it’s not “my” theory and in fact it’s not a theory at all. Haven’t read the article, have you?

  17. Abigail, you have some balls calling me a fool and condescending people here with that “attention geniuses” bullshit. As I said, many of us knew about the peril of a split, the captain-delegate issue etc… I didnt need to read the article, but I finally bit and did read it.

    And it confirms everything i said !! You are citing an article and a strategy that does NOT INCLUDE TROMP in any of its calculations that was written months ago!!! In fact, it says at the very last sentence that Da Tromp fucked up their entire blueprint, affirming what I said. Thats why they hate him. Echoing what many of us have been saying all along. We are not stupid nor fools, many are smarter than you give credit for being.

    Maybe your a demon, maybe your a repubic, I dont know. But I do know that Yeb should have listened to his mommy and stayed home.

  18. You’re not arguing the points of what you are calling a conspiracy theory and instead calling (name calling?) it “poppycock” which is, indeed, foolish. On what basis are you making that claim? Just because you don’t want to believe that bush was picked from the beginning? It doesn’t take a towering intelligence or clever sleuthing to understand that when you start bush out with say, 25% of the primary vote in say, Florida, and you run him against two other very strong candidates there’s going to be a close race for any three of them. Then you add in a one or two more second stringers and bush holds on to his number (maybe it falls off a point or two), but the vote is very upset among the other candidates. Add in just one more candidate (identity candidates like Carson or Fiorina) and the vote is further split. Bush doesn’t win because he’s popular, he wins because he held his GOPe votes and the others split the rest of the vote. Even if someone like Trump was ahead of bush in the FL polling, by the time naive voters think pulling the lever for rubio is going to get them rubio, the game’s over. It’s neither a conspiracy nor poppycock because this is the GOPe’s whole strategy. While Sundance has been very helpful in pulling the whole thing together with his articles, it was fairly obvious from the start with seventeen candidates (!) And it was ridiculously obvious with people like petaki, graham and a many others throwing their hats in the ring. Guys like graham don’t run for president — because everyone (everyone) knows they won’t even get through the primaries. graham even admitted he was wasn’t running while he was on the debate stage answering a question! I could hardly believe he was so bold. I think he was just embarrassed because the whole sham was just too obvious.

    So go ahead and continue believing that bush won’t make it. I gotta go now because I’m actually trying to do something about all this. Take care.

  19. I read the article and I see the math. And, no, I’m no genius. I happen to believe in the power of prayer more than the power of the GOPe shenanigans.

    What do you want us to do, give up? “you should have become a precinct captain for the RNC at least last year if you didn’t want bush.”

    Yeah, fine, but what good does that do to berate us now? So we aren’t perfect. Sorry.

    I have been praying for our country for a long time. I don’t know what God’s will is, I just know that he is in charge. I’m just obeying and trusting him.

    Now, some people want to feel encouraged by what is happening – Jeb is more displeasing by the day and our voices finally seem to have weight as some candidates are saying out loud what we have been saying for years. What’s wrong with taking some pleasure from this joyless political climate? What’s wrong with being hopeful?

    I will never give up.

  20. If you’re a regular here, you know that I refer to my fellow IOTWR peeps as “geniuses” all the time. And it’s not condescending because I mean it and they know it. Now, just so you know.

    And you’re right, Trump’s phenomenal phenomenon is not calc’d into this. However, the RNC will try to take him down somehow and they’re working on that right now. As I type. And watch, it will be along the lines of their internal rules and bylaws. That’s why they wanted his pledge to get in line behind the GOPe candidate (bush). The reason he’s scaring the sh*t out of them is because 1) they thought he’d just be another splitter and 2) all the usual tactics have only made him stronger. All they have left is to either kill him or use their internal legalistic means. Trump may have to burn down the entire GOPe in order to run. And what a sight that would be to behold.

  21. Claudia — not you, too??

    All I’m saying is that unless we all understand what is going down (right now!) there is no way to fight it. Of course I am taking pleasure in what is happening with Trump, Cruz and Carson — but I didn’t think that was the subject. To call the GOPe’s splitter strategy “poppycock” is to ignore the facts.

    I’ve been inside the beast and saw how the sausage was made. It’s more sickening than you can imagine. We like to think that “machine” politics was back in Tammany Hall, Boss Tweed or James Pendergast. Well it isn’t. Now it’s so obvious that they don’t even try to hide it.

    The only way to defeat machine politics is to get out the vote and the only way to defeat bush is for conservatives to decide (outside and before the primary election process) who their candidate is and get out the vote for that person. And that’s where it gets improbable because there are too many people who do not know how the machine works. And they don’t believe it when they do hear it. They call it “poppycock.” And they dump on the messenger. And people then wonder why things don’t change.

  22. Maybe I’m being overly sensitive to the “we’re doomed, the republic is dead, we are lost, might as well bury ourselves before they do” voices. We get it from the left and the right.

    I read the article a while back and understand what the GOPe are trying to do. The more we know of the workings of our enemy (GOPe as well as Ds), the more we are equipped to defeat them. They may succeed like they did in Mississippi with the Cochran debacle, but it isn’t over yet.

    Sometimes hope is hard to hang onto. There are times I succumb to despair, but then my faith in God kicks in and I remember to trust him.

    That must be why I just feel a little protective of those who are clinging to hope.

    I understand that you wanted to get the point across and I appreciate your valiant fight for what’s right. Keep up the fight and thank you.

  23. If you’re going to base your argument on the, very well written, Conservative Tree House’s article you need to read them in chronological order. You are out of sequence and confused.

  24. That the Republic is dead is no reason to stop the fight to resurrect it. And faith in God Almighty is, indeed, well placed. The two ideas are NOT mutually exclusive. The Jews were cast into Babylonian exile, because they turned their backs on God – and God demanded it. We have turned our backs on God, and I’m just guessing that He is none too pleased.

    Have faith – by all means.
    Trust in God – by all means.
    Fight the good fight – by all means.
    But be not deluded – by any means.
    Obola is a scourge on America.
    Francis is a scourge on the Church.

    We are reaping what we have sown.

  25. I was in a hurry and just grabbed the first one I came to on their site this morning. I don’t think I’m confused, but maybe you could tell me what you are thinking about that.

  26. Thanks, Claudia. I understand. Having now been so painfully aware of the last several GE’s, sometimes the only thing to do is pray and have faith. I have faith in God in any event. I’m just hoping it doesn’t have to get as bad as it can before it gets any better. To think I will have spent more than a dozen years now in a country I know didn’t start out this way is something I hate to bear.

    And now this: SC joins NC and Virginia in requiring a ‘loyalty pledge’ from GOP candidates in order to be placed on their primary ballots. If Trump doesn’t make the pledge, he’ll have to run independently. The winner(s) of these early races play a major role in the rest of the primaries. Keep praying.

  27. I have read all of your comments. And obviously you are very excited and feel the need to warn everybody of the chicanery and impending doom, the wool is being pulled over everyones eyes etc… Again, calm down.

    You presume that it is a given that bush starts out “with 25 % in places like say Florida”. Well, hes not doing that well. And you fail to cite how poorly he is doing just about everywhere else. And you have not addressed the fact that he is not even in the top 4-5 in most polls in most states. And on the ground, his name is dirt. HE IS NOT LIKED. Those numbers in that article are made up.

    Your hysteria is dependent upon Bush being in position (like close second or third) for the “splitter” blueprint to work. He is NOT.

    The Florida primary, the one you choose to illustrate as proof, does not happen until March. Yeb is going to get pounded throughout the South and lose probably every primary prior to that. Dont panick. Calm down… The one reason why so many people are excited about Tromp and the others is the VERY FACT that Yeb Boosh is not going to be the GOP nominee because of Da Tromp. Tromp is mocking him, the others are joining in, and the message is clear… no more bushes.

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