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Jeb! Just Hired Rick Perry’s former chief of staff

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The Last Refuge:

As if there was any remaining doubt about the RNC/GOPe road map.  Well here ya go.  Jeb Bush just hired Ray Sullivan who was previously working with Austin and Henry Barbour on Rick Perry’s campaign efforts.

The Barbours’ were the bag-men for Mitch McConnell and the NRSC hit team along with Brad Dayspring when they went after Chris McDaniel in Mississippi primary ’14 (racist attack ads, and paying Dems to vote in primary).  

In essence Jeb is aligning/confirming his scorched earth election intents, and shoring up the “splitter strategy” for Texas – presumably along with Rove.

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  1. RINOS always go “scorched earth” on other Republicans in the primary. Unfortunately, they always go “swishy scented candle surrender” on Democrats in the general election.

  2. Put Karl Rove UNDER the bus and drive over him repeatedly till he is sqashed like the cockroach he is… follow up by tossing the rest of the GOP leaders under that bus as well…fates they have earned through their RINO ways…

  3. I wonder, did the GOP, acting like cheerleaders for the Democrats for the past seven years pick the fool Jeb to help Hillary get elected?

  4. wouldn’t it be nice if we all went to back to thinking about political office as a public service it was meant to be?

    political office was not meant to be a career option for sleazy lawyers to use to get rich off of or slow witted family members of past politicians to use to acquire a job for life.

    if the populace would just vote the incumbents out every election we would be better off.

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