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Paul Ryan’s Idiotic Statement on Boehner Resignation

“This was an act of pure selflessness.” – Paul Ryan

IS HE KIDDING?????????

Boehner is a R.E.P.R.E.S.E.N.T.A.T.I.V.E.

The selfless part is supposed to be GOING to DC.

If the base doesn’t think you’re doing a great job representing, it is not SELFLESS to leave.

It could only be SELFISH to stay.

Paul Ryan is a jerk.

40 Comments on Paul Ryan’s Idiotic Statement on Boehner Resignation

  1. With Boehner gone and McCarthy as speaker, nothing will change. This will not be a move toward a more conservative congress. I could see Trey Gowdy or Mark Meadows in that position, but not McCarthy. He is not that smart, with all due respect, of course.

  2. Too bad the pope didn’t come years ago.
    I nominate Bad Brad to replace him. I’m getting tired of
    People who you think are conservative.
    Then they screw you.

  3. Why did I not think of that? It would truly be wonderful to have Newt back in Congress.

    And Fur is right… Ryan is a jerk, if not a puke, with all due respect.

  4. Okay, people here have tossed out Gowdy, Meadows, and Gingrich as possible replacements. Any other suggestions?

  5. Kevin McCarthy has a Liberty Score of “F”/45% — putting him on an equal footing with John McCain. This looks more like a win for Congressional ‘Rats than for Republicans. Someone is out-and-out lying if they say otherwise. I do hope it does not turn out to be McCarthy.

  6. Meanwhile, likely blinded by tears, a slow-moving John Boehner was hit squarely in the ass by door as he was leaving.

    For his hefty, taxpayer-funded retirement, maybe he can find a golf course that still allows chain-smoking on the links.

  7. No! Not the phone book.

    The last time they did that, they called AAAAAAAA Bail Bonds, and the night clerk, John Boehner, answered the phone.

  8. Little-known good guy from Texas, and head of the Republican Study Committee, oil businessman Bill Flores, would make a good one. He hasn’t been in Congress long enough (yet 😉 ) to become an Inside-the-Beltway corruptocrat. (It’s worth a little homework time researching who/what he is.)

  9. The Republicans better start listening to their grass roots, and tell Karl Rove to fuck off…stupid piece of RINO shit….

  10. Boehner is resigning both Speaker and his house of representative’s jobs…he is quitting…like all Barky peeps do…

  11. A few random thoughts on the house losing it’s boner:

    Kevin McCarthy? New boos same as the old boss?

    A took out the trash this morning and it was a pleasing job that left a smile on my face.

    Obama called Boner a “patriot”?!? Perhaps all that leg riding Boner did paid off and now he can play golf with President Fecal Top any time he likes, but it won’t happen because Boner just became toilet paper and has no usefulness after its initial use.

    Peter King (Rino-New York) Said it was the Tea Parties Fault, and there is “no appeasing those people”..Perhaps Mr. King should re-register as a demotard since he acts like one all the time.

    Boner said, “The spirit moved me”…..Ore maybe his liver is trying to tell him something.

    I think we can live without an orange boy who likes to snuggle with Piglosi.

  12. Lie’n Ryan… yeah like I believe his spin… Boner left because he preferred the optics of leaving under his own “choosing” instead of being perp walked out because he knew he did not have a chance in hell staying speaker. Ryan is not as astute as he thinks either. The tide pushing Boner out will rinse Ryan out of the swamp too because Trump has given voice to the vulargarians wanting real change

  13. “Poor old Boehner
    Tired and gone
    Left me here to sing his song
    Drunked up fool
    With his orange skin on!
    Poor old Boehner
    Tired and gone.”

    (apologies to Jim Morrison)

  14. it just occurred to me that Boehner may be terribly ill and wants to leave before it’s apparent. Hmm. I do hope that is not the case. I sincerely do not believe he would simply give up his position over a conscience.

  15. He constantly rolls his tongue around inside his mouth like there’s either a red-hot piece of metal or a live gerbil in there.

    Psychiatric posterboy or oral cancer. Smoking/drinking/lying for a lifetime has me picking CA.

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