Cruz Shreds Feinstein Over Human Rights And China – IOTW Report

Cruz Shreds Feinstein Over Human Rights And China

“We should not be troubled by embarrassing communist oppressors.”

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TR– Today on the Senate floor, Ted Cruz blasted Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Democrats for their fear of offending China. “It is a sad statement when the United States of America cannot stand up and say ‘You who are imprisoned unjustly, we stand with you,” said Cruz during his reply to Feinstein.   MORE HERE


8 Comments on Cruz Shreds Feinstein Over Human Rights And China

  1. Yep,
    Ironic, isn’t it, how so many get their panties in a bunch over the stars and bars but have zero problem doing business with the biggest, most brutal slave state since Rome?

  2. Feinstein got up and walked out? What a crunt. I guess what with her husband doing 10s of millions of business with the Chinese commies, she couldn’t afford to appear to approve.

    Typically despicable DC elite. Our Founders would be disgusted with how we’ve let our politicians be bought off. They revolted over a 3% tax on tea, imagine what their reaction would have been to crap like this.

  3. Cannot piss off the Chi-Coms. They’re the ones funding our “continuing resolutions” in Congress.

  4. I’m voting for CRUZ!!!! I don’t care WHO else might be on the ballot. I’ll write him in!!! I despise that scrunt from la la land!!!!

  5. I made a vow to myself when Cruz entered the race that I would vote for him whether he got the nomination or not, and if an actual election takes place (of which I am HIGHLY skeptical) I certainly will.

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