Jeff Flake urges White House not to pull out of NAFTA

WaExaminer: Sen. Jeff Flake warned the White House against pulling out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, arguing that leaving the deal would harm the economy and lead to increased immigration. To think otherwise is an “illusion,” he said on the Senate floor Thursday.

“Allow me to briefly describe what America would look like without NAFTA. It’s an America with fewer jobs and higher unemployment. Some of these jobs that are lost will not return for a generation, others will likely never return. It’s a poorer America. The gross domestic product will drop. Much of the positive growth we have seen recently will be erased,” the Arizona Republican warned, adding later, “Let’s not be fooled by those who would have us believe that the impact of exiting this trade agreement would somehow be minor or short-lived.”

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36 Comments on Jeff Flake urges White House not to pull out of NAFTA

  1. I thought this Flake quit!! I am sick and tired of these ice-holes that can tell you exactly what will happen IF, but cannot explain why.

  2. @Dianny; He’s not talking about Canada, he’s talking about his mexican constituents. The Canada-US Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiated between Ronald Reagan and Brian Mulroney actually worked pretty well (mostly) creating jobs in both countries and increasing trade between the two but the entry of Mexico into the mix destroyed jobs in both countries but did make it easier to get lettuce in the winter. The US is Canada’s largest trading partner while Canada is the US’s third largest. The trade balance between the two is the most even among the US’s major partners with the EU and China screwing the US with huge trade surplus’s. If the US pulled out of NAFTA there would be problems in Mexico but I think that Canada and the US would continue along likely using the old Canada – US FTA as a framework.

  3. Dear Sen. Flake, Please Follow Sen. McCain’s lead…wherever he goes…whenever that is…however deep it is.

  4. Eff off, Flake, you leftist shilling #NeverTrump jackass! Nobody cares what you think about anything. Stuff your threats up your prissy butt and go away already. And take the lisping Ben Sasse with you. Schmuck.

  5. You notice libtards never have any, fact, figures, or data to back up their claims. They just spit shit out there and you’re suppose to believe it.

  6. Sen. Flakey, I’ve noticed your nose, like your moral compass, drifts to the left. Just a friendly observation.

  7. So, wait… It’s NAFTA, and NOT Orange Hitler, that is keeping unaccompanied, by the dozens, thirty year old, children from breathing free in America!? That bastrad!

  8. Been following NAFTA closely mainly thru Canadian forums & their press.
    FA Minister Chrystia Freeland trues to portray herself as a stern negotiator v pittbull Lighthizer, so much so she tells you in 3 languages!
    Lighthizer appears to tolerate her “presentations” and when it’s his turn responds in plain English “you’re so screwed”.
    Meanwhule, regular Canadians, including former PM Stephen Harper sees reality and are warning stakeholders,Trump ain’t playing so plan according – Plan B.

  9. This one just came out today:

    Flake’s family lost a lawsuit against Arpaio today claiming he wrongly prosecuted them in their negligence of killing 21 dogs in their kennel.

  10. I’m a very curious person Jeff Flake and I’d like to know exactly how much you are being paid to lobby on behalf of Mexico while sitting in the senate of the United States?
    Isn’t it just wonderful that you are so generous with Mexico and they see you as such a hero? Unfortunately, it’s not your money you give away. Do you steal from your neighbors too and give the money away pretending you’re so generous?

  11. Deep State elitists don’t get it. Citizens of The United States are not their serfs, slaves or wards. Flake needs to be reminded there was a Revolutionary war America fought and won so traitorous “Tories” like him are ineffective. Flake is done. Stick a fork in that buzzard beak. The People have spoken – MAGA!

  12. Follow the money.

    US-Mexico trade balance:
    2015: -$60.2B
    2016: -$64.4B
    2017: -$70B (estimate)

    Money transfers to Mexico:
    2015: >$25B
    2016: $26B
    USA remittances to Latin America >$70B/year.

    Drug money to Mexico ~$40billion/year.

    Build The Wall and blow up all the bridges.


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