Making Rubber Bands

This clip on Twitter reminded of an old Bob and Ray clip.

Who remembers Bob and Ray?


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  1. Kinda similar to making plastic. Except the mill roll, rotor screw, mixing barrel, etc are on a much larger scale. I wish i had made some videos years ago to share. Made my fair share of barrels, gearboxes, and repaired broken screws. The whole process is kind of like making bread when you step back and look at it.

  2. Wasn’t Bob Elliot’s son Chris was quite a weird comic in his own right. He used to be on Letterman back in the early days when it was funny.

    Hudson and Landry? They were funny too. The prospectors was hilarious.

    Shit. I’m old. Another odometer roll today. Ugh.

  3. Fun Fact: At the height of his “career”, Pablo Escobar was spending $4000 per month on rubber bands used to hold the bundles of his $100 U.S. Bills together.

  4. We have a running joke about the Dude who makes Coffee Filters…

    He works about 10 Days per Year…and punches out 600 million

    filters…Then He’s bored sh*tless

  5. Yes, Bob and Ray were a hoot! And don’t forget The Joy Boys of Radio – Ed Walker and Willard Scott doing DC satire starting back in the 50s before they got bigger gigs. Good stuff!

  6. I liked willard Scott. Don’t know the other guy. Old comedy… all comedy is lost.
    Except on this blog.

    I’ll have two hard boiled eggs. Honk honk. Make that 3 hard boiled eggs.

    Don’t know the joke? Google stateroom scene Marx brothers.

  7. HUGE fan of Bob and Ray!!!! Some record company had them do a weekly program of push artists and songs interspersed with many of their classic bits, and sent that for airing to college radio stations on custom LPs. I fell for Bob and Ray then. I have a goodly collection of B&R material, including those LPs. On a trip to NY once, I went up to the station they were working at, WOR I think, and got invited into the studio while they were doing their show! RIP, Bob and Ray!

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