Seasonal Variety Show To Give Proceeds To PP

If you had your heart set on seeing a lot of C and D level celebreties put on a variety show Monday night to benefit Planned Parenthood, you’re out of luck. Tickets have sold out.


It’s not like there are less ironic causes they could give the money too during the holiday season.

10 Comments on Seasonal Variety Show To Give Proceeds To PP

  1. The show was sold out or they sold out to Satan? I don’t know even one of them, it must be fake news that they are sold out

  2. Ummmmm…. I have heard of Mandy Moore (no idea the context) and I believe Colin Hanks is related to Tom. What a great cause. The people who perform abortions will burn.

  3. Never heard of anyone on that poster. Only recognize the bumble who deserves better than to be co-opted by those leftism pushing nobodies. Poor Bumble.

  4. Only recognize Moore’s name. Not sure why though.

    Hanks (son of Tom) is some kind of rapper when he’s not in rehab or being sued for trashing hotel rooms.

    What a shame we’ll be missing this one………


    Don’t want to crowd-fund their favorite organization for blood rituals, so they get their lackeys to put on a dog-and-pony show?

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