Jeff Sessions: Leak Of Michael Flynn Phone Call Was An ‘Absolute Crime’

DC: Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Friday that the leak of Michael Flynn’s identity to the media in 2017 was an “absolute crime” that should be “prosecuted vigorously.”

Sessions, who is running for a Senate seat in Alabama, discussed revelations about Obama administration officials unmasking Flynn’s identity in foreign intelligence reports during the presidential transition period in 2016 and 2017 in an interview on Fox Business.

Republican senators released a list of 39 Obama administration officials Wednesday who made requests for reports that identified Flynn. Former Vice President Joe Biden, former CIA Director John Brennan and former FBI Director James Comey were on the list.

Republicans have focused on the Flynn unmaskings because of a leak to The Washington Post in early January 2017 regarding Flynn’s phone calls with Sergey Kislyak, who served as Russia’s ambassador to the United States.  read more

25 Comments on Jeff Sessions: Leak Of Michael Flynn Phone Call Was An ‘Absolute Crime’

  1. Jeff should consider speaking up louder about this and take some action, not words, since he is not recused from Publicly Speaking out, now.

    Just saying.
    Be clinical.
    Sound logical.
    No cynicals.

  2. A little late ain’t it Jeff? You were too stupid to figure out you were being played like a fiddle when they demanded you recuse yourself based on obvious bullshit. And now that you’re running for office, you’re all “law and order must be done”. Deep staters were all too willing to use stupid people for their end goals, and you fit the bill perfectly. Go away and stop trying to be relevant because you aren’t anymore. You had your chance to stand up for America and you blew it.

  3. Why didn’t he tell POTUS he was going to recuse himself on the Mueller thing? That seemed like very important info and a no-brainer. Has anyone ever asked him that question?

  4. And Jeff’s stint as AG was a crime of malfeasance. Might as well been an empty chair.

  5. Thanks for the update, but it’s a little late to be finding yer balls Jeff, doncha think? Maybe you shoulda thought about that when you had the power to do something about it. Maybe that’s why you got shit-canned!
    Now it just looks like yer worried about spending the next four years (or more) on all fours… but we thank you for your sincere concern…
    There’s a couple of Milk-Bone® doggie treats over in the corner for you Beauregard. At 73 years of age you should have know better!

  6. this entire mess happened because this moron recused himself and left donald trump completely open to anything the shadow government wanted to do. never elect this idiot to do anything. he should retire and go away.

  7. he could teach biden how to take naps
    he has developed it into an art
    oh, look- he’s awake again
    and he thinks we’re asleep

    chicken shit coward, he is


  8. He lost any moral authority he had when he recused himself
    from his job. Go away old man. (from one old man to another)

  9. “… an “absolute crime” that should be “prosecuted vigorously.” ”

    “… an “absolute crime” that should HAVE BEEN “prosecuted vigorously.” ”

    Fixed it for ya, Jeff.

    Justice delayed is justice denied. If you destroy evil in its cradle you don’t have to worry over its maturity.

    izlamo delenda est …

  10. Q: How many leak investigations did Jeff announce?
    A: 27

    How many were prosecuted? ZERO

    You can’t count Reality Winner. The Intercept essentially did Sessions work for him when they printed “the evidence” and Reality had a moment of reality when she cooperated w/FBI interrogators.

  11. Doddering, superannuated, and impotent. He could be Biden’s stand-in when Joe isn’t up to the stresses of the basement campaign rallies.

  12. I don’t hate Jeff Sessions.
    I am disappointed in him.
    He was such a good campaigner for Mr. Trump.
    Such a failure as AG.
    Trump gets some of the blame – not clear Sessions should have been picked in the first place.
    But things are much easier to see in retrospect.

  13. Sessions was a very successful senator for AL. His opponent for Senate is a cliche-ridden, unoriginal football (duh) coach.
    Yes, why didn’t he tell Trump up front about recusing himself?

  14. There are 330 million Americans citizens who qualify to run for Office (obozo was never one of these). Why retread someone who hid under his desk when history called ?!


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