Jenner Could Face Misdemeanor Manslaughter Charge


What’s going on with the right boob there, Bruce?

NBC Philadelphia- Caitlyn Jenner’s unsafe driving factored into a fatal accident in Malibu in February, according to an Los Angeles County Sheriff’s report given to prosecutors on Thursday, and Jenner could faces manslaughter charges.

The Associated Press earlier reported that the sheriff’s report recommended a manslaughter charge, but a source familiar with the case told NBC News no recommendation was made. If prosecutors make a decision to charge Jenner, she will be charged with misdemeanor manslaughter, at most, the source said.  MORE

29 Comments on Jenner Could Face Misdemeanor Manslaughter Charge

  1. So charged convicted and sentenced ? then? build a special prison wing for this freak? would not last a minute with real men,
    and does not fit in a orange is the new black crowd either.

  2. I’d scrub my face, take out the fake tits, get a “boy’s regular” haircut, and put on men’s suit when I showed up in court.

    At that point I’d contest that Caitlin was at the wheel at the time of the accident, because we all know how women drive.


  3. Talks like a man, walks like a man, looks like a man, kills like a man. Hang his courage award on the cell door.

  4. OT but isn’t manslaughter a micro-aggression? Shouldn’t it be “what gender they identify as” slaughter? I’m so confused…

  5. He should enter a plea of “not guilty” based on the fact that they charged “Caitlyn” but he identified as “Bruce” at the time of the collision; talk about double jeopardy issues…

  6. Not a damn thing will happen to her/him. He/She is now a member of the protected class (especially in California) and one of them could burn down your house and shoot your dog and know they will not suffer any consequences.

  7. I love how we are expected to believe this mental case is conservative repubic and not one of them. There are about 3-4 repuics in the entire state of California and this creature is one of them ??? C’mon….

    The man pulling the levers behind the curtain is sending out the ray beams… “You see repubics… even you are freaks too… it’s normal… we are all freaks… come join us… be a freak… repubics embrace freaks..” nah…… I don’t think so.

  8. She prolly won’t serve any time which is a shame. It would give her an excellent opportunity to let the inmates take her “female” parts out for a test drive. Buckle up Caitlyn honey, your cellmate’s gonna loosen yer lugnuts.

  9. It caused the victim to die.
    If it hadn’t hit the victim’s car, the poor woman would still be alive.
    What part of “KILLED HER” do those idiots in Californication not understand?

  10. “If prosecutors make a decision to charge Jenner, she will be charged with misdemeanor manslaughter,”

    What’s this “she” crap? Jenner isn’t a she and never will be. He’s a transvestite and an attention whore– nothing more.

  11. That is probably his plan. Notice he made the sudden transformation right after the car wreck. Someone else wrote on another site that he did this to get sympathy and make to himself a “minority.” I believe as a man, his prison sentence would be longer and rougher if he is convicted of manslaughter.

  12. He ain’t dumb, nor is he stupid. He sure ain’t “female” or gay.

    When he had the accident, Bruce knew he was in deep shit. In Cali prisons, he’d have to fight every day, due to his celebrity and athletic past. His only defense would’ve been to join the AB, or worse, become some big Mexican Mafia’s bitch.

    So, Bruce contrived to identify as female. He made the switch, unexpectedly, if you’ll recall. Voila! He now goes to female prison in California, the Mecca of Political Correctness, where he can enjoy a “lesbian” relationship with all the real girls.

    Genius, really. Genius.

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