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  1. Are men that dumb*? As soon as I read “riding in your pickup truck” I knew it was a dog.

    *Not you guys, though. You are much smarter. 😉

  2. In answer to your question Claudia: Yes, some men are that dumb.
    I hasten to point out, some women believe men won’t ejaculate in their mouth, eh?

  3. That’s a great ad. I hope that at least one person took them up on it and gave her a home. Being a big black dog at a shelter (especially if you’re older) is tantamount to a death sentence. I got my dog Sarah from a rescue in Greece. She’s big, black, a senior and pretty well owns the place now. One of my better decisions.

  4. I’m currently on rescue #3; all big black and tan rotties. They have all been great, but because they are 6-7 YOA when rescued, it seems that I don’t have enough time with them…we do our best to make the most of it, though.

  5. For those who don’t know, feel free to look up the name of the dog in “The Dam Busters” or watch Pink Floyd “The Wall”.

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