Describe what you see in your mind’s eye when I say the following…

Give a description of the person which is conjured in your mind. Describe them as you would if you were giving a police description.

1 – Thug

2 – Tax Cheat

3 – Prostitute

4 – Police Officer

5 – Hero


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  1. 1 – Thug (Al Sharpton)

    2 – Tax Cheat (Al Sharpton)

    3 – Prostitute (Kim Kardashian)

    4 – Police Officer (Dirty Harry)

    5 – Hero (John Wayne)

  2. 1- Black, young, sagging pants
    2- White, middle aged, suit & brief case
    3- Female, ugly/trashy, drug adled
    4- Uniform, gun, coffee & doughnut
    5- My dad, 1944, floating in the Mediterranian Sea for three days after ship sank

  3. 1 – Thug (Obama’s sons)

    2 – Tax Cheat (Al Sharpton or any other liberal with money that tells us to pay our taxes but they don’t)

    3 – Prostitute (Street walkers and most of Congress)

    4 – Police Officer (Peace keeper – a majority of them)

    5 – Hero (The military and anyone who does good for another despite risk to themselves)

  4. It was me. I confess. I’m all five of those things, mostly alternately, but occasionally I’ll simultaneously exist as a Thug Prostitute Police Officer, and I’ll use my badge to stop Cougars on the street and then seduce them into “hiring me” to fornicate with them… but as soon as I know they actually have money on them, I go all Thug and just TAKE they money and go to like Wals-Mark and buy food or toys for little kids who seem to be in need.

    What can we say? Multiple Personality Disorder

  5. 1 – Thug-nubian, wife beater T, sagging

    2 – Tax Cheat-white businessman

    3 – Prostitute-meth/herion addled

    4 – Police Officer-big, Sam Brown belt, big & shiny black shoes, any race, no BS look about them

    5 – Hero-military/firefighter, any race

    You asked for a stream of consciousness, right?

  6. 1 – Thug My neighbor’s 2 adult kids (white/blonde/etc.)

    2 – Tax Cheat the Al’s, Sharpton and Franken, oh Hell every Demorat in Congress

    3 – Prostitute the Playboy bunnies who have been in whatever that reality show was called

    4 – Police Officer the local patrolman Officer K.

    5 – Hero my dad (RIP)

  7. I know I’m not following directions, but:

    1. Thug – Shifty, dead eyes, over-confident strut, not too smart, reptilian instincts.

    2. Tax cheat – Virtually all lib/progs (as a CPA, I speak from experience – those who believe in higher taxes for everyone else cheat to get out of them).

    3. Prostitute – Most politicians.

    4. Police officer – Someone with an un-trusting, jaded view on humanity, forged from constant contact with the worst our species has to offer. (Again, from personal acquaintances.)

    5. Usually some guy who still believes a man is a man, who strives to do the right thing at all times, and has the stones to do it when his life is at risk.

  8. P.S. – That is not to say there haven’t been plenty of women heroes. Many women have risked their lives for others, too. Just not AS many.

  9. 1 – Thug(s) : The Obama Gang

    2 – Tax Cheat(s): IRS Management

    3 – Prostitute: Gloria Allred

    4 – Police Officer: Sheriff Joe

    5 – Hero: Some black father with 6 disciplined kids, committed to his wife and has two jobs he hates but sacrifices his personal desires so that their kids can have a better life.

  10. 1 – Thug: Gang-banger type. Pants falling off, lots of tattoos, do-rag, walks with a fake limp, disrespectful attitude, can’t actually shoot for shit.

    2 – Tax Cheat: Upper class limousine liberal type. Northeastern accent.

    3 – Prostitute: Bleach-blond bimbo, wobbling on high heels, tight clothes, short dress, too much make-up.

    4 – Police Officer: Fat, beady-eyed, low-brow, chip on his shoulder, bully with a gun looking for someone to kick around.

    5 – Hero: Regular middle-class guy trying to do the right thing, make ends meet, and raise a family while the country collapses around him.

  11. 1 – Thug (Farrakhan, Sharpton,

    2 – Tax Cheat (Timothy Geithner)

    3 – Prostitute (Anything Kardashian / Jenner))

    4 – Police Officer (Darrel Wilson)

    5 – Hero (Buzz Aldrin, Brian Terry)

  12. 1 – Thug — 5′ 8″, 280 lbs., shaved head, scarred knuckles, blood-stained boots.

    2 – Tax Cheat — non-descript, average guy, could by my neighbor.

    3 – Prostitute — Semi-good looking woman just trying to make a buck by providing a person service always in demand.

    4 – Police Officer — 5′ 8″, 280 lbs., shaved head, screaming and red-eyed with ‘roid rage.

    5 – Hero — Some poor guy lying 6 feet down under a cross or magen david at a national cemetary. Or under just about any other symbol but not likely a crescent and star.

  13. ① – Thug = IRS, EPA, FBI, FDA, any loyal BH0 employee

    ② – Tax Cheat = Democrat

    ③ – Prostitute = John Boehner

    ④ – Police Officer = Underpaid Public Servant

    ⑤ – Hero = Pamela Geller and all others who fight hard for our Freedom, BFH & iOTWreport included. All the troops who place themselves in harms way to protect what our Founders handed down to us. Chris Kyle! Too many to list.

  14. 1. Thug: Al Sharptongue
    2. Tax Cheat: Al Charlatan
    3. Prostitute: Al Sharted-aton
    4. Police Officer: Joe Friday
    5. Hero: Ben Hogan, Audie Murphy, the U.S. Marine Corps, U.S. Navy SEALS, I could go on….

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