“Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…” Nadler Steals The Show From Schiff, Races To Podium For Closing Argument Speech Despite Objections

Daily Caller: Democratic New York Rep. Jerry Nadler stole the show from lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff Thursday evening, racing ahead of him to give a closing argument in President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial.

Chief Justice John Roberts read the last question of the evening, provided by Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar. The question asked House managers to give senators any other comments before the trial ended for the night.

Rep. Schiff of California was sitting closer to the podium and stood up to respond to the question, but Nadler, another impeachment manager, scurried ahead of him. Schiff could be heard calling Nadler’s name, but the pleas went unanswered as the New York congressman began his speech.

“Jerry, Jerry, Jerry,” Schiff said as Nadler ignored him and delivered remarks. read more

29 Comments on “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry…” Nadler Steals The Show From Schiff, Races To Podium For Closing Argument Speech Despite Objections

  1. …this is where tyranny always falls apart…no one can dictate to a dictator, not even another dictator…

  2. Alternative…..

    A call from the kitchen: “It doesn’t keep well, who’s got room to finish the rest of this?”

  3. The two lying media whores are trying to fight over the crumbs, they know the spotlight is about to shift to the next shiny object.

  4. Jerry looks like he’s at death’s door. Bad things going on at home.

    His wife just had surgery in December for pancreatic cancer. I know he’s a traitor, but I suspect even Jerry The evil Impeachment Clown loves his wife.

  5. I’ve been thinking about this whole shampeachment deal and wonder if one of the big reasons the Democrats (and probably secretly a few Republicans) are so rabid about it is they believe they must stop this grand jury investigation at any cost.

  6. If you like, join me in praying that Shifty and Noolder find that other Dems blame them for the re-election of DJTrump and they get UN-elected.

  7. The worms turn.
    May this be that part of the eternally-repeating cycle where Evil starts to eat itself alive.

    And the status quo reverts to sanity, predominantly.

  8. Nadler finally decided that Schiff shouldn’t get all of the credit for getting Trump impeached: “I’m still relevant!!!”
    Umm, no you aren’t. Why do you think Nan had Schiff’s committee run things?

  9. @RogerF… you must mean REVELANT. That’s what that Garcia woman said twice (that I heard) two days ago and AGAIN today! They are that stoopid.

  10. Watch the video enlarged, looking at the ladies seated behind him. At least three are laughing. Watching schitface enlarged is funny, too.


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