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Jerry’s Best Joke Got Bupkis

The best line of Seinfeld’s speech that went for laughs was: “Frankenstein was so dumb, he thought a monster needed a sports jacket.” Yet, there was silence.

I think I know why. People think this is Frankenstein. —->

That is the “Monster.”

This is Frankenstein—->

Frankenstein refers to the doctor.

The moral of the story– Duke does not offer a thorough education.

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  1. Upon further review, I see that the movie monster wore a “sport coat”. That’s what we call it around here, anyway. A “sports jacket” has a big letter on it. Maybe that was the big head-scratcher for those Duke students.

  2. I get that joke. It’s not funny but I get it. The real joke is how you got me to listen to Seinfeld’s brilliant speech, something I would not normally do. Well done sir.

  3. I’m very surprised of the quality of what he said. Oh, the joke went over their heads, but the focus on what is real in a person’s life was very refreshing.

    My estimation of Jerry just increased some.

  4. Now I’ve seen him. For decades I have said: I don’t watch TV, wouldn’t know Seinfeld if he fell out of the sky and landed in my lap when someone ask me if I remember the Seinfeld episode….

    That rarely even registered with them, in one case a guy finally butted in and said: Honey, when Dan said he doesn’t watch TV, he really doesn’t watch TV. He has absolutely no idea what you are even talking about.

    He came across as pretty boring to me.

  5. @aircubed — I’ve always assumed those neck “bolts” were electrical contacts.

    Or maybe for some reason the doc had to put his monster’s nuts up there.

  6. @aircubed

    I don’t exactly know what the neck bolts were for but maybe that’s the way Dr. Frankenstein pumped the electricity into his monster.

    Perhaps Dr. Faucistein could use that method to wake up the monster Biden, but if it killed him instead that would be even better.

    That would be a perfect excuse for us to go out to the streets and yell: IT’S DEAD, IT’S DEAD, IT’S DEAD.

  7. Many people don’t read. Those of us who have read Frankenstein, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Dracula, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and on and on, know that hollyweird is full of bullshit.

    Frankenstein made the monster, Sleepy Hollow mentioned a witch in about two sentences, Dracula didn’t give a tinker’s cuss about sunlight, Dr Jekyll didn’t kill his father…


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