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Jesse Watters Outraged Over This Trump Case

I wouldn’t be outraged. When the public hears what this case is really about, people will finally start understanding how weaponized our government is. This is a bad day for the swamp.

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  1. No Republican should ever utter those perverted words again,”no one is above the law”, not only is it meaningless (like liars never prosper) but it us a slap in the face to anyone who values and respects the rule of law.

    And look at little Jesse, from the days of being Bill Oreily’s man on the street, he’s all growed up and joined the Big Three over at FoxNews, the real fire bringers.

    Somewhat related, the legacy media and all the progs are all doing back-flips
    in elation because Ivanka and Jared’s marriage seems to be falling apart. I know I should not be surprised but almost every day the left stoops even lower than the day before, celebrating tragedies with the view that it is perfectly fine if “those people” get hurt.

  2. It looks as if the Tree is starting to wilt, or maybe it’s already too late.

    “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

  3. @joe6

    From what I’ve read she is focusing on Baron and doing her best to keep him insulated from all the insanity. She stays at Mara Logo, has a small circle of friends, and tries her best to lead a normal life.

    Although I thought both Ivanka and Jarred were a bad influence on Dad, it is very sad to me to see their marriage under such scrutiny. The level of vile villainous folks who can an erection from the misfortunes of others, is very telling on the demise of our society.

  4. The left (predominately atheists) should thank God that Hitlery’s shit never stinks.

    The endless perpetual harassment of Trump vs no scrutiny ever brought against that murderous despicable witch.

    What a laughable puddle of piss our country had been reduced to…

  5. I singled out the Arkansan Butcher of Benghazi, but there are so many other names that could easily be substituted for hers.

    American Justice? oh please!
    That’s now like French military honor, or Bank account security in Cyprus

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