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Jihad In Our Time


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  1. I would suggest photoshopping Jimmy Carter in the background looking like a sick Cheshire Cat. I’m sure he’s thrilled.
    He wasn’t able to make such grand progress with Iran in his day.

    We all need to pray for our country. This will surely not bring blessings on our country.

  2. All this is is a short term deal to eventually wipe Israel off the map, courtesy of the Barack Hussein Obama “administration.” I’m 100% certain the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has the King Of Angel’s Armies FIRED UP and ready to go even more so.

    What special rooms await Barry and his ilk F.D.R. and Eleanor?

  3. Nice Graphic
    This is going to force Israel to act. They will appear to be the bad guy.
    What a crummy president.

  4. The Iranians better speed up their nuke preparations they only have their butt buddies B. Hussein Obama and Mr. Kerry-Heinz for
    18 more months. The can’t totally depend on old hag Hillary bamboozling enough Americans (both dead and alive) and illegal aliens to get elected. Time is of the essence and O & K gave them a running head start!

  5. Believe me, the Lord has a fix me stick in the works for Obama and Kerry, to name a couple, but you are about to see Him open a can of real whoopass. He never said Iran or Obama were the apple of His eye, only Israel.

  6. …but you are about to see Him open a can of real whoopass.

    Oh yeah? Well, me and the Secretariat of State just opened a carafe of whoopass on Iran. So there!

  7. I don’t think comparing B Hussein Obama to Neville “Appeasement” Chamberlain is fair to Neville Chamberlain.

    B Hussein Obama is more like Vidkun Quisling, reviled WWII Norwegian traitor who sold out Norway to the National Socialist invaders from Germany.

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