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  1. Put an electric shocker on that goddam mic, and give the Easy Reset button to the woman in charge of the mic. We’ll see who wants to play keep-away.

  2. What does it take to get kicked out of the press pool?

    This is the White House Press Corps. This should be the best of the best as far as real reporters go.

    These people have no ethics or professionalism. They don’t even ask questions. It’s all agenda driven narrative building with every comment.

    I’m so old that I can remember Obama scolding a Daily Caller reporter for yelling a question at him during one of his brief, infrequent, submit your questions in written form in advance and I’ll select two or none of them press monologues.


    Back then, it was called “heckling”.

  3. First off, that is assault. No two ways about it.

    Next, shame on White House security for not immediately and forcibly removing AssHat from the room for his violent outbreak.

    There’s no gray area here. Acosta assaulted a woman in the White House. That is reprehensible.

  4. Oh, and if looks could kill, Acosta’s brains would have been all over the room. That “no you didn’t just” look from the female staffer was a shower of icy daggers. For a second I thought she was going to go after him.

  5. If Shakespeare could had only conveyed the love between Romeo and Juliet as strongly as Jim Acosta’s love for Jim Acosta, it would have been a better play.

  6. Just saw on FOX that Acosta has been banned from the White House?
    The asshole struck her arm away. (Gotcha Moan Lobe)
    Remember the broad who accused a Trump assistant of assaulting her?
    And little Ben Shapiro came to her defense. I really can’t remember shit anymore!Look how the girl looked up at the President as to say what should I do? Then she sat down. If anyone ever needed a phucking ass kicking, it that cur Acosta.

  7. Had to see this on my PC. Apparently IPad doesn’t support the video..
    So in very large screen, I see a very blatent chop to her arm by Accost Her.

    Bet he has his wife beater shirt on under his shirt.

  8. I tried to blow this up immediately. Mainly because of what they did to Lewandowski, but also because of course Acosta is a dickhead.

  9. Don Lemon defends CNN reporter after WH ban
    CNN‎ – Jul 25, 2018
    CNN‎ – Nov 07, 2018
    Enemies of the People
    CNN Jeff Zucker and MSNBC Phil Griffin

  10. A thoughtless act performed on someone he thought of as inferior and therefor deserving of such treatment
    Bitch tried to take his mic when he was speaking truth to power, dammit!
    Mr. Trump should have had two Secret Service men take him for a ride

  11. Rotty, she is a White House intern with cerebral palsy. The Make a Wish people got her the one day job so she could live out her dream of working one day in the White House.

    Then, of course, some brutish ape broke her arm and trampled her under his boot heels.

    And all because she has cerebral palsy.

    I’m heartbroken.

  12. From this day forward he shall be known as “Jim Accost-Her”.
    What a low life punk. Maybe Don Lemon can console him tonight.

  13. If/when Acosta gets his pass back, one of the Marine guards should be his personal mic attendant – bet he won’t be quite so grabby

  14. Looks like he bent her over and gaped her.

    Well, to me at least, that’s what it looked like.

    Whare’s ma gofundME?

  15. Make a new rule that reporters are not allowed to touch the mic. The intern will hold it. If you touch the intern or the mic, your question will be ended and not answered. And name it the “Jim Acosta White House Intern Safety Rule”. Every White Hose reporter going forward until eternity will despise Jim Acosta.

  16. She should have fallen to the floor wincing in pain as she supports her arm. Tears would be good and maybe some screams of agony…followed closely by “CUSS, CUSS you CNN”!!!

  17. Question:

    Why did the intern kind of duck and RUN at some point when she realized the secret soyvice was about to act? Did the POTUS motion to them?

    Just a wondering…


  18. The White House should employ a professional volleyball player to hang around at these pressers.
    If someone gets lippy, they get a serve right in the Peach

  19. Did he grab her by the pussy? Yet?
    He’s Cuban? A Castroite?
    Is the female staffer going to press charges of assault, battery, attempted rape? The guy, Acosta, is the personification of a cur.
    I hope this story goes on for months. Investigate, Charge, Investigate more, charge more. Keep it in the news!!!!
    I know, it ain’t going to happen.

  20. @ghost of col j glover,

    They are told to duck or get out of the way so the CNN stars do not have anyone more pretty than themselves in the camera’s view.

  21. #MeToo? Your response to female staffer accosted and attacked by Acosta? Hello. Anyone there? *crickets*

  22. Where was the burly Secret Service guy capable of knocking Acosta’s teeth down his throat.
    I’m sure the young lady is an excellent White House intern/staffer in general, but some tasks aren’t meant for a woman.


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